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Educational Social Network Website of Bangladesh

We are developing Educational Social Network Website to bring all students together in one umbrella so that they can communicate each other, chat each other, create online club/group having same interest, share their knowledge by writing articles, write online journal or blog, share photos, participate in online forum, discuss on different topics, create events, polls, invite friends and so many things.

Now it is on test. We will inform you to join when it will complete.

Keep in touch.
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Welcome to the Home of Report, Assignment, Case Study and Term Paper

Welcome to the Reportbd.Com - Home of Reports, Assignment and Case Study. ReportBD.Com offer the best information, resources and links on this site, you will find no greater and more comprehensive source for all your Reports, Assignment, Case Study, Term Papers needs! ReportBD.Com is the only Bangladeshi website offer free top quality information and knowledge resource.

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Assingment, Case Study, Research Works & Term Papers - Get reports which are written by the students of public and private universities of Bangladesh (Dhaka University, IBA, North South University, East West University, Independent University, Brac University, Stamford University, Asian University ...........).

Internship Reports - Internship report of many national, private and multinational organizations.

Annual Reports - Get information &/or download Annual Reports of public, private & multinational organizations operated in Bangladesh.

Education Softwares - There are softweres that you can use in preparing your assignment/term paper. Financial softwares are use to calculate NPV, IRR, Risk Analysis, Mortgage Calculation, Stock Pricing, Bond Pricing, Loan Installment Calculation ....

ReportBd.Com provides solutions for free custom term papers topics, format or outlines, ideas, examples, sample, style, writers help; assignment cover sheet / paper; writing business case study; latest annual reports; essay papers.

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Ethical Decision Making Framework developed by Santa Clara University, Simplified model of Ethical Decision-Making Process, Rational Ethical Decision-Making Process  in Business and Ethical Decision Making Process developed by Ferrell

How to Make Business Decisions Ethical. Foundation and Sources of Ethical Business Decision.

Factor Influencing Ethical Decision Behavior. Approaches to Ethical Decision Making Process.

What is Decision Making? The Rational Decision Making Process. Steps of decision making model  in business (Weihrich)

An Overview of the Ethical Decision Making Process in Business. Definition of Ethics and Business Ethics. Importance of Ethical Business Decision.

History of CARE and Care In Bangladesh. Programs of CARE in Bangladesh as NGO.

What is BRAC? All about BRAC NGO and its activity in Bangladesh.

The purpose of this paper is to provide a historical account of the “Anglicization” of the legal system of the Indian sub-continent which was essentially based on Islamic law at the advent of the British colonial rulers.

Policy and Programs in Real Estate Financing. Recommendations .

Main issues in expanding the formal housing finance system. Alternative housing finance system - Grameen Bank, Proshika, BRAC, ASA.

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