2. Recruiting and Selection Policies of Orion Infusion Limited

Recruiting is the process of searching the potential job candidates in order to fill up the vacant position of the organization and selection is the process of choosing the best candidate among the available candidates. The candidates who are successfully perform the job.

Orion Infusion Ltd. follows both the internal and external sources of recruitment. In case of internal source they mainly follow – promotion, transfer and job rotation and in case of external source they follow – advertisement, employment agency.
In case of recruitment and selection Orion Infusion Limited considers the following process:

Need assessment
Orion Infusion Limited take need assessment to identify in which sector, it is needed to recruit the employee for achieving their target and goals. In their assessment they have to realize that they need human resource (HR) in the following situation- vacancy in existing post(s), market expansion, increase in production capacity, launching new product, introducing new system.
Checking the recruiting options
Current employees are a major source of recruits the employees but entry-level position. Internal source are included- promotion, transfer, job rotation, friends and relatives of existing employees. In Orion Infusion Limited promotion and transfer are typically directed by operating manager with little involvement by the HRD.
When job opening can not be filled internally, the HRD must look outside organization for expert employees. External source included- advertisement, employment agencies, and campus recruiting. Usually Orion Infusion Limited considers the advertisement for their external recruiting. They mainly provide the notice of available job in both Bangla and English dailies.

Screening and Short-listing Applications
The responses to the advertisements are sorted and screened. The CVs as well as the covering letters are judged. Experience, educational degree, computer literacy, etc are the basis of judging the candidates application.

Written test
It is the mot important and effective tool for judging the candidates. The written test includes IQ test, behavioral competencies, and communication skills.
The selection interview is a formal, in-depth conversation conducted to evaluate an applicant’s acceptability. Trough interviews the interviewers of Orion Infusion Limited seek to answer three broad questions:
1.     Can the applicant do the job?
2.     Will the applicant do the job?
3.     How does the applicants compare with other who are being considered for the job?
Selection interview are most widely used selection technique. They can be adapted to unskilled, skilled, and managerial and staff employees. They also allow two-way exchange information: interviewers learn about the applicant and the applicants learn about the employer.  

Reference checking
Reference and background check are important, which refers the process to undertake of those application that appear to offer potential as employees. Reference check is indented to verify that was state on the application from correct and accurate information. Some question are arises through reference checking. Those are:
1.     Is the applicant a good, reliable worker?
2.     Are the job accomplishments, titles, educational background, and other facts of the Resume or application true?
3.     What type of person is the applicant?
4.     What information id relevant to match the applicant and the job?
Medical check-up
Normally, the evaluation consists of a health checklist and asked the applicant to indicate the health and accident information. The medical evaluation may:
1.     Entitle the employer to lower health or life insurance rates for company pain insurance.
2.     Be required by state or local health officials, particularly in food handling operations where communicable diseases are a danger.
3.     Be useful to evaluate where the applicant can handle the physical or mental stress of a job.  

Offer letter
When the candidates satisfy the Human Resource Recruiting Broad, then the broad provide to the candidate offer letter.

Orientation /induction
Through orientation Orion Infusion Limited thy to introducing the new comers or new employees with its work unit, rules and regulation, culture, norms, value, believe and exposure to all important functions and locations of the company and so forth.

Follow up
For make the employee more effective and efficient Human Resource Department continuously interacts with the new entrants assisting to cope up with the work environment, work culture, peer groups etc. In this stage the management tries to help the employee to get settled her/his problems in the job, work environment and workplace-culture.

3. Training Policies of Orion Infusion Limited

Training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of skills, concepts, rules, and attitudes to increases the performances of the employees in the organizations. On the other hand development is more future oriented, and more concerned with education, than is employees training or assisting a person to become a better performer. Orion Infusion Limited gives emphasis both for internal and external training. Any new operations or product is marketed, they gives training to the employees attached to the operations. Development helps the individuals handle future responsibilities, with little concern for current job duties.

In order to excel in a competitive marketing environment there is no alternative to development knowledge and skilled level of people through training. Training and development program of OIL include orientation activities that
Inform employees of policies and procedure of OIL
Educate them in job skills
Develop them for future advancement
Need assessment identify the current problems and future challenges to be met through training and development. Then they set different training and development objectives for the new comers/ employees. Actual training program are set from the available program according to the performance of the employee. After the end of training period their skills, knowledge, and ability of working are evaluated. In the year 2006, the following training programs were conducted:
MPO Recruitment training
Team building and leadership
Development of team building and leadership
Development of managerial skills