4. Job Analysis and Job Evaluation Process of Orion Infusion Limited
Job Analysis
Job evaluation is the process of appraising the different positions of employees in the organization with a view to establish a well conceived for pay-structure.  For job analysis OIL consider several common uses such as- job definition, job re-design, orientation, socialization, carrier counseling, employee safety, performance appraisal and compensation. OIL follows the observational method for job analysis. In this process they observe the individual or individuals performing the job and pertinent notes describing the jobs or describing the work.
This information includes such things as what was done, how it was done , how long it do, what the job environment was like, and what equipment was used. In this process information about jobs is systematically collected, evaluated, and organized. This action are usually done by human resource specialized about each job and every person in the organization. In the time of job analysis following matters are need to be considered:
1.     Identify the job to be analyzed.
2.     Develop a job analysis questionnaire.
3.     Collect appropriate job analysis information.
Job Evaluation
Orion Infusion Ltd. follows the Ranking and the Classification method for evaluating the job. In case of ranking method a committee typically compared of both management and employee to representative to arrange the job in a simple rank order, from highest to the lowest rank. In case of classification method this classification are created by identified some common denominators like – skills, knowledge, responsibilities with the desired goals being the creations of a number of  distinct classes on grades of jobs.
5. Performance Appraisal System of Orion Infusion Limited
Performance appraisal information can provided needed input for determining both individual and organizational training and development needs. Another important use of performance appraisal is to encourage performance improvement. In this regard Performance appraisals are used as means of communicating to employees how they are doing and suggesting needed changes in behavior, attitude, skill or knowledge.
For apprising the performance Orion Infusion Limited (OIL) consider the different criteria of the employee, such as attendance, attitude, cooperation, initiative, dependability, quality of work, overall output, honesty, personality, ready to take challenge etc.
The process of evaluating the performance of the employee of Orion Infusion Limited are shown in the following chart-







1. Attendance






2. Attitude






3. Cooperation






4. Initiative






5. Dependability






6.Quality of work,






7. Ready to take challenge






8.Overall output






9. Honesty






10. Personality












Total Score

Based on the above mentioned criteria the rater provides score to the employee and according to the total score their performance is appraised. The human resource department (HRD) of OIL usually designed and administers the above performance appraisal systems. For evaluating the performance appraisal OIL mostly follows the rating scale method.