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Promotion and Pay Policies of Orion Infusion Limited (Part 5)
Abu Zafour
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By Abu Zafour
Published on 22 February 2012
Promotion Policies of Orion Infusion Limited. Pay Policies of Orion Infusion Ltd. Findings and Recommendations.

Promotion and Pay Policies of Orion Infusion Limited
6. Promotion Policies of Orion Infusion Limited

The movement of personnel within an organization- their promotion, transfer, demotion, and separation is a major aspect of human resource management. The actual decision about whom to promote, and whom to fire can also be among the mot difficult, and important, a manager has to make. For every organization promotion is extremely important, when the process based on merits and skills of the employee. The employee of Orion Infusion Limited are gets both rewards and punishment from their employer based on their performance. Usually money transfer or other benefits are provided as rewards. On the other hand a major problem of promotion is discrimination and favoritism.

7. Pay Policies of Orion Infusion Limited

Once the job evaluation is complete, the data generated become the nuclease for the development of the organization’s pay structure. This means pay rates or range will be established that are compactable with the ranges, classifications, or point arrived at through job evaluation.

Pay structure
No information is given, as this is considered highly restricted information.
Provident Fund
In Orion Infusion Limited 12% of the basic salary goes to the     provident fund and the employee pays the same amount of their basic salary.

Medical Facilities
Doctors are arranged to visit each location of numbers of times a week to provide necessary medical support to the employees. Moreover, the non-management staffs enjoy medical treatment at Holy Family Hospital at company arrangement.
Health Insurance Policy
No information is given by the authority of OIL.
Findings and Analysis

a) Orion Infusion Ltd. beliefs, in present competitive and dynamic environment   human resource department are the most valuable department than the others.
b) They consider their skilled people as asserts for their organization.  
c) OIL committed to draw the most talented and dynamic professionals from the available candidates.
d) Orion Infusion Ltd. follows both the internal and external sources of recruitment.
e) Training and development programs of OIL include orientations, and   socializations activities to inform employees about policies and procedures.
f) OIL try to develop their employee with future advancement and educate them in jobs kills.  

g) For job analysis OIL consider several common uses such as- job definition, job re-design, orientation, socialization, carrier counseling, employee safety, performance appraisal and compensation.
h) Orion Infusion Ltd., design their job in such way, which is the right person at the right place at the right time to achieve their objectives and goals.    
i) Orion Infusion Ltd. follows the Ranking and the Classification method for evaluating the job.
j) For evaluating the performance appraisal OIL mostly follows the rating scale method.
k) Taking constructive steps they are trying to develop the skills of the human resource pool.
l) Their human resource department (HRD) trusts in team work and respect each other.   

In present competitive and dynamic environment, human resource are now being viewed as the most valuable mean for gaining advantages over other. Competitive advantages can only be achieved by building up highly motivated and skilled employees. To fulfill the vision, mission, and core objectives of a company the management has needed to established a effective and efficient human resource department and hired the confident and most promising professionals.

OIL is a highly professionally managed organization in where safety leads improved productivity, so Orion Infusion Limited need to provide the employee more quality work life as well as more attractive environment for working. They should keep the work environment sound and healthy for the employee to work in their own environment. Employee’s satisfaction needs to be increased by maintaining the company policy efficiently to get maximum productivity through employees’ satisfaction. Though the company has loss in different sector, above all it makes profit in the current year but it need to prevention of loss by adopting effective technology and continuous development of human resource management.  OIL is a pharmaceutical company so for the responsibility of the society it needs   to completely obey the national law and order of the Government.

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