Questionnaire on Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices of Bangladesh

1. In your organization which department is mainly practice?
HRM (Human Resource Management)               PM (Personnel Management)
2. Who is the responsible person for planning the HRM/PM in your organization?

3. In the recruitment process what kind of sources is used by your organization?
External                                                        Internal
4. For recruitment the employee which things is followed by your organization?
Advertisement                         Campus Recruiting
5. In case of selection: How your organizations select the best candidate among the available candidate?

6. How do you evaluate the working efficiency of the employees of your organization?

7. For the job analysis of the employee which method is performed by your organization?
Observational          Interview          Questionnaire             Functional

8. In case of job analysis any time do you face any problem, if it is occur which type of problem is faced?

9. For developing the working efficiency of the employees do you provide any training program?

10. If you arrange any training program for the employees, which type of training programs are those?

11. For motivating the employee what sorts of activities is performed by your organization?
Promotion             Transfer           Job Rotation            Bonus

12. How much you give importance on organization and socialization?

13. What process is followed for appraising the performance of the employee?
Formal appraisal                       Informal appraisal      

14. According to your company the level of employee’s job satisfaction?
Very high              High              Low                    Very low
15. What are you thinking about the importance of HRM/PM?