Prepared For:
M. Takibur Rahman
Department of Accounting & Information System
Faculty of Business Administration and Management
Prepared by
Group: 01(Warrior)
Level- lI, Semester- II
Faculty of Business Administration and Management
Sl. No.    Name of the students    Position    Roll No.    Reg. No.
01    Md. Kamruzzaman    Group Leader    01    00660
02    Shuvradeb Barai    Asst. Group leader    09    00668
03    Abu Zafour    Member    21    00680
04    Sahana Parveen    Member    07    00666
05    Nazmul Alam Siddiqui    Member    25    00565

Financial Management-II
Course Code: FBK 221
Date of submission: 23 August ....
Date: 23 August ....

M. Takibur Rahman
Department of Accounting and Information System
Faculty of Business Administration and Management

Subject: Letter of Transmittal

Dear Sir,

Here is the report on “Financial Statements Analysis on Renata Limited” you asked us to prepare this report as a course requirement of Financial Management-II.

This report focuses on the Financial Management-II. We are proud of making this report. We have tried our level best to make the report informative and fruitful. For any classification we will be available and looking for such term paper in coming days. We will be happy to get such type of report further.

Sincerely Yours

 Md. Kamruzzaman
(Group Leader)
Group: 01(Warrior)
Level-II, Semester-II
Faculty of Business Administration and Management
At first we desire to express our deepest sense of gratitude of almighty Allah.

With profound regard we gratefully acknowledge our respected course teacher    M. Takibur Rahman Lecturer, Department of Accounting & Information System, Faculty of Business Administration and Management for his generous help and day to day suggestion during the survey.

We like to give thanks especially to our friends & many individuals, for their enthusiastic encouragements and helps during the preparation of this report and for their assistance in typing and proofreading this manuscript.

Executive Summary

This report is an assigned job as a partial fulfillment of course requirement by honorable Course teacher M. Takibur Rahman Lecturer, Department of Accounting & Information System, Faculty of Business Administration and Management. Patuakhali Science and Technology University. It is the optimum aggregated outcome of 5 pupils’ about “Financial Statements Analysis on Renata Limited”. The view of this report is to find out the financial position of Renata Limited. Now its make a great position in the market of Bangladesh. Accounting procedure is highly important for knowing the condition of a particular company’s asset, liabilities, net incomes, and retained earnings etc. According to our survey we found that Renata Limited’s financial position is comparably standard.

1. Introduction
1.1Origin of the Report
1.2 Purpose of the Report
1.3 Limitation and Scope of the report
1.4 Methodology

2. Description
2.01 Company Chronology
2.02 Analysis of Financial Statements
2.03 Balance Sheet
2.04 Income Statement
2.05 Statement of Changes Equity
2.06 Cash Flow Statement
2.07 Ratio Analysis of Financial Statements

3.01 Analysis of Renata Limited’s financial statements at a glance
3.02 Graphical Presentation of the Financial Statement Analysis
3.03 Overall Comment about Renata Limited

4.01. Findings
4.02. Recommendations

5. Conclusion
7. Bibliography


With the ever increasing size and complex items of modern business it has become necessary for every business man to base decisions of facts expressed in quantities form. Many new of ways of using qualitative data in making business decisions have been developed in recent year from elementary statistical technique. Financial statement that expresses the relationship between selected financial statement data to compute ratio and describe their purpose and use in analyzing a firm’s liquidity, profitability and solvency. Through it we will understand the concept of earning power and indicate how the materials items not typically of regular operations are presented. It provides us potential information for decision making over a company in the current year with the same item or relationship in one or more prior years.      

Origin of the report

We are lucky to say that our honorable course teacher M. Takibur Rahman Lecturer, Department of Accounting and Information System, of Faculty of Business Administration and Management. Assigned us a report on “Financial Statements Analysis on Renata Limited” This report is prepared on the basis of surveying the Renata Limited.

Purpose of the Report

As a business expectative of future, we should have to gather experience beside our survey. We should not concern our lesion only in classroom but to implement it in practical life that will help us in our future life .A clear objective help in preparation of well decorated report in which other take the right type of decision .So, we identifying objectives is very much important. Our purpose of preparing the report is:
To identifying how the company maintaining the accounting procedure
To know about the company’s financial statements
To find out the company’s decision making process through ratio   analysis.

Limitation & Scope of the Report

As a student of faculty of Business Administration and Management, 4th semester, this is our first initiative for making a report on “Financial Statements Analysis on Renata Limited” by meeting a survey. Beside this we have faced the following hindrances in preparing this report:
Lack of knowledge and experience
Short of time
Lack of computer facilities
Lack of sufficient privileges
Lack of communication facilities
The survey report focuses on Financial Statements Analysis on Renata Limited. The survey may not be more comparable or more valid. Moreover, the report is emphasized on the primary data such as interview of the manager of Renata Limited. Here we consider only the information that we collect from our survey. 
Methodology of the Study

This report is based on both primary and secondary data. Initially, the work is started with data those were available at Company’s Annual Report and company’s news letter. Moreover, it becomes helpful to gather some more information from the website of the company.
Later on, the work progressed through some depth interviews of good range professionals trying to heat some expected area of the study. After that, an effective questionnaire is designed to collect likely data from the target group of people.
Then we analyze those data from many angles, in different aspect and present the information in different segment according to their category, in compact way. We highlight different important things, which we found during our survey. After doing all of those we submit the report to the proper authority.