Letter of Transmission

Senior Officer
International Program Department
Grameen, Bank Head Office
Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216

Subject: Submission of Internship Report.

Dear Sir,

This is my pleasure to present my internship report on “Grameen Bank and its Micro Credit Operation” I have conducted my internship program at Grameen Bank, Head Office, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216, under your close supervision.

Throughout the study I have tried with the best of my capacity to accommodate as much information and relevant issues as possible and tried to follow the instructions as you have suggested. I tried my best to make this report as much informative as possible. I sincerely believe that it will satisfy your requirements. I however sincerely believe that this report will serve the purpose of my internship program.

I am grateful to you for your guidance and kind cooperation at every step of my endeavor on this report. I will remain deeply grateful if you kindly take some pan to go through the report and evaluate my performance. Therefore, I hope that you would be kind enough to accept my Internship Report on “Grameen Bank and its Micro Credit Operation” Thank you again for valuable direction and cooperation.

Sincerely Yours

Mohammad Bashir Uddin
2nd Batch, 8th Semester, 4th Year
Class Roll No: SS-51
Session: 2007-2008
Dept. of International Relations
University of Dhaka


First of all, I am expressing my sincere great fullness to almighty to prepare this report, no noble achievement can be achieved by an individual report depends on the contribution of number of people specially their thoughtful guidance and suggestions to complete this report. I am indented for their kind recommendation, submission, direction, cooperative and their collaboration.

I would like to give my heartiest gratitude. Professor and Chairman Delwar Hossain Department of IR, University of Dhaka, issue forwarding letter to Grameen Bank, where internship program has been carried out and he has given his full effort to correspondent it the advisor of my report and make all kind of necessary formalities regarding my internship and report as efficiently.

I want to give my special thanks to the Academic supervisor Atique Rahman for his support and enormous help throughout this Internship program, especially his guidelines throughout the period of preparing the report. I heartily thank all the officials of the Grameen Bank, Head Office, Mirpur-2, for their supporting as well as co- operating me as an intern in their organization.

I am very much grateful to the authority of Grameen Bank to assign me as internee in this reputed bank and having the opportunity to learn theoretical as well as practical knowledge related to overall Micro-credit banking system and completes such an ambitions study for our internship program as well as for the preparation of this report. Especially I would like to thank Mr. Harun-Or-Rashid, my coordinator in Grameen Bank and Mr. Ratan K. Nag.

I also would like to thank Mr. Sharfuzzaman, branch manager of Jinardi Polash, Narsingdi and Mr. Shekh shahidul Islam, Branch Manager of Muljan Branch in Manikgonj.

Above all I want to thank the authority of Grameen Bank and Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka for providing me such an opportunity to come closer to the real world and help me in enriching my knowledge.

Executive Summary

The Internship report titled “Grameen Bank and its Micro Credit Opertion” has been prepared as a part of BSS program of University of Dhaka. In this internship report I give overall concepts about the role of Grameen Bank and its Micro Credit Opertion which has undoubtedly put fresh impetus to my understanding of the role of micro credit institutions in rural development, poverty alleviation and women empowerment.

I tried to demonstrate the objective of the report which is to illustrate the role of microcredit institutions specially role of Grameen bank in alleviating poverty, rural development and women empowerment through extending credit facilities to the unbanked and underserved people through giving loan without collateral and providing training and advice. I try my level best to demonstrate the role of Grameen bank in facilitating education for poor and shelter. I tried to show how microcredit institutions relentlessly working for balance development of the country through facilitating banking facilities for unbanked people.

In this study I?ve shown how Grameen Bank and Grameen Family?s work with the poor people to eliminate the poverty from their family and growing their capacity to play active role in economic and social arena and to be self sufficient and ultimately bring peace. Dr. Mohammad Yunus is the inventor of the concept micro-credit and he successfully inaugurated it through Grameen Bank. Grameen Bank has successfully established the micro-credit that might be an effective instrument to eliminate the poverty and able to bring peace in poor families.

Here, I presented how the model of micro-credit has been followed by many countries of the world to remove poverty and bring peace. After all this has been recognized by Nobel Committee that micro-credit can bring peace in poor families by eliminating poverty. I?ve also shown microcredit institutions like Grameen Bank is not free from all sorts of demerits. Due to working with poor female, developing process of micro-credit and other things still it could not get out of criticism.

Finally I find out some important points that I think Grmeen bank and its microcredit operations can apply rigorously to eradicate poverty and empowerment of women.


1. Introduction
1.1 Scope of the Study
1.2 Methodology
1.3 Data collection techniques
1.4 Rationale of the study
1.5 Objectives of the Study
1.6. Major duties and responsibilities

2. Overview of the Organization.
2.1. Brief history
2.2. Nature of the organization
2.3. Number of employees
2.4. Head of the organization
2.5. Human Resource
2.5.1. Recruitment
2.5.2. Training
2.5.3. Gender Policy

3. Organizational Structure
3.1. Main office
3.1.1. Board of Directors
3.1.2. Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director
3.1.3. General Managers and Deputy General Managers
3.2. Organization Organ gram
3.3. Mission and vision
3.4. Special Characteristics of Grameen Bank

4. Main Activities of Grameen Bank
4.1. Grameen Bank Credit Loan Projects
4.1.1. Basic Loan Micro-enterprise Loans Flexible Loan
4.1.2. Housing for the poor
4.1.3. Higher Education Loan Scholarships for children of Grameen members
4.1.4. Struggling [Beggars] Members Programme
4.2. Grameen Bank Savings (Deposit Scheme)
4.3. Village Phone

5. Grameen Bank Credit Delivery System
5.1. Grameen Classical System (GCS)
5.2. The Grameen Generalized System (GSS)
5.2.1. Special Characteristics of the Grameen Generalized System
5.3. Credit Delivery System in Grameen Generalized System (GSS)

6. Grameen Bank Methodology of Action
6.1. Method of Actions Principals
6.2. 10 Indicators to Evaluate Poverty Level
6.3. The 16 Decisions of Grameen Bank

7. Grameen Bank and Micro-credit
7.1. What is Microcredit?
7.2. A Broad Classification of Micro-credit
7.3. Grameen credit
7.4. General features of Grameen-credit are

8. Grameen Family
8.1 Grameen Trust
8.2 Grameen Fund
8.3 Grameen Solutions
8.4 Grameen Kalyan
8.5 Grameen Telecom

9. The impact of microfinance/ micro credit

10. Breaking the vicious cycle of poverty through microcredit

11. Do not misuse term microcredit: Muhammad Yunus

12. Why does GB focus on women?

13. Main achievements of Grameen Bank

14. Awards and International Recognition

15. Tasks Assigned As an Intern
15.1. Process and Structure of internship in Grameen Bank
15.2. Duration of Internship
15.3. Activities Engaged

16. Critical analysis: linking theoretical knowledge with practical experience
16.1. Findings from the Assigned Activities
16.2. Assessment to the Socio-Economic Settings of the Country
16.3. Major competitive of the Organizations

17. Experience as an Internee
17.1. My Experience of Internship in Grameen Bank
17.1.1. Theoretical Experience
17.1.2. Practical Experience
17.1.3. Tours to Branch Office
17.2. Problems Encountered
17.3. How internship experience impact on my carrier
17.4. Acknowledgement During internship

18. Recommendations

19. Conclusion