12. Why does Grameen Bank focus on women?
Women in Bangladesh are neglected by society. Through the opportunity of self-employment and the access to money, Grameen Bank helps to empower those women. In addition, studies have shown that the overall output of development is greater when loans are given to women instead of men, as women are more likely to use their earnings to improve their living situations and to educate their children.

13. Main achievements of Grameen Bank
Grameen Bank has today over 7.5 million borrowers. 65 percent of them managed to clearly improve their socio-economic conditions and lifted themselves out of extreme poverty.

14. Awards and International Recognition
 Dr. Mohammad Yunus is founder of the micro-credit and institutionalize it Grameen Bank. For that has been recognized for this unique activity. Now this model is accepted and followed in many countries of the world. Dr. Yunus and Grameen Bank got many prestigious awards for it performance including Nobel Award. Such as

- Nobel Peace Prize: In 2006, Grameen Bank and Professor Muhammad Yunus were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to create economic and social development from below. Other awards include:
- US Freedom Award (Muhammad Yunus, 2010)
- Petersburg Prize 2004 (USA)
- Mahatma Gandhi Award 2000 (India)
- World Housing Award 1997 (UK)
- City Dental College Gold Metal 1996/97 (Bangladesh)
- Tun Abdul Razzak Award 1994 (Malaysia)
- King Baudouin International Development Award 1993 (Belgium)
- Kazi Mahbub Ullah Award 1992 (Bangladesh)
- Aga khan Architect Award 1989 (Switzerland)