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Process and Structure of my Assignment for internship in Grameen Bank (Part 14)
Published on 28 April 2012
Process and Structure of my Assignment for internship in Grameen Bank, Critical analysis: linking theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

15. Tasks Assigned As an Intern

Every organization has an internship schedule for internship seeking students. Internee must follow the rules and restrictions assigned by authority. Grameen Bank is not different from other organizations. It has own schedule which is based on learning rather then working like an employee. Grameen Bank encourages internees to know and learn about micro-credit lending and repayment systems, activities and other welfare activities. This organization basically tries to spread the relatively new conceptions of Micro-credit through student coming from all over the world as well as across the country.

15.1. Process and Structure of my Assignment for internship in Grameen Bank
Internship in Grameen Bank is a process of learning about Grameen Bank loan lending system, activities and about others social welfare projects. Internship schedule in Grameen Bank is mainly decorated considering the available timeframe of intern but at least four weeks is must. It can be extended up to twelve weeks as internee needs. This schedule is time variable because a lot of foreign intern come to do intern here every month. They usually don?t have enough time in hand due their economic constraints as well as legal constraints. Very few local students come to do intern here for unknown reasons. It might be bad conception about Grameen Bank. So Grameen Bank authority adorned its internship schedule considering the foreign students mostly.

My internship schedule is adorned for twelve weeks as the instructions of internship by department of International Relations provided for internee due to completion of BSS degree. In includes both theatrical and practical activities with this time. My task was in head office as well as branch office.

15.2. Duration of Internship
Duration of my internship in Grameen Bank is twelve weeks. But I got time to complete my task two weeks less because of staring Eid-ul-Azha?s Holiday. For that I finished my duties and responsibilities assigned within 10 weeks.

15.3. Activities Engaged
I spent first and second weeks for orientation program, video presentation program, briefing about Grameen Bank loan and repayment systems, introducing with the foreign internees came from different countries of the world. Preparing the internship scheduled discussing my coordinator was also an important task during this time. In the third week I attended in several meetings in the head office with my coordinator and group-mates about preparation of imminent one-day trip and over-night trip. In the middle of the third week I went to one-day trip to Muljan Branch in Manikganj District. In this visit I first time closely saw the Grameen Bank activities. I also attended in center meeting and share opinion with borrowers. In the fourth week I prepared and submitted report on one-day trip about my gathered experience to coordinator and took preparation for over-night trip in the next week. Fifth week I spent in Jinardi Polash branch office in Narsingdi District. Here I attended four centers meetings and talked with many borrowers and borrowers children who took education loan and who got scholarship from Grameen Bank.

After coming back from field visit in sixth week I submitted report on overnight trip for my coordinator. From seventh to tenth week I attended meetings in Grameen Bank family organizations. I spent the last week for making report to submit to Grameen Bank authority.

16. Critical analysis: linking theoretical knowledge with practical experience

16.1. Findings from the Assigned Activities
My internship in Grameen Bank is learning process from very beginning of starting. I gathered knowledge about micro-credit system and Grameen Bank activities from being an insider. Before internship I have only floating idea about Grameen Bank and its activities. Now I know many things on how micro-credit pioneering organization working in Bangladesh. Assignment from Grameen Bank as intern was to know about whole process of micro credit lending, repayment, savings etc. and also have known about Grameen family organizations.

16.2. Assessment to the Socio-Economic Settings of the Country and major Stake-Holder
Grameen Bank is working with the poor women to make them capable by enabling them to get rid of poverty in rural areas of Bangladesh. Grameen Bank activities have huge impact on rural socio-economic settings. Its working areas covered about 81,000 villages of 86,000 villages in Bangladesh with 2565 branches and 1, 44,863 centers. Grameen Bank is serving to the poor. It has served poor people with banking activities. It made reached banking service to the rural grass root people who can not go to general bank due to not having collateral. Grameen Bank?s loan and deposit scheme made it easier for them to borrow money when they need and to save money when they have surplus. Thus Grameen Bank is helping to the poor to create capital for the purposes of doing small or middle scale business. From the interviews with some old and new borrowers during field visit I understood and observed that some of them really changed their fate. But they are all old member of Grameen Bank. Now they are running saw mills or some possess three wheeler auto rickshaws (CNG run Baby taxi). New members are also hoping that they can change their own fate by doing hardship and taking financial support from Grameen Bank.

I think Grameen Bank education loan program is most important in the socio-economic condition of Bangladesh. Education can sustain the progress member achieve from doing small productive work. Grameen Bank is helping financially the children if Grameen Bank members from primary level to higher education. Though there is limitation in number of student receiving scholarships r education loan, it very good sign to improve the condition of poor families.

16.3. Major competitive of the Organizations
Grameen is not the sole micro-credit lending organization in the country. Besides Grameen, Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), ASA, are other big micro-credit lender institutions in Bangladesh. In addition, more than two thousands NGOS and banks such as, Bangladesh Agricultural Bank, Rajshahi, Agricultural Development Bank, Employment Bank, Buro Bangladesh are providing credits and micro-credits to the poor without collateral bonds. Presently many commercial banks also started to lend small scale loan to the small businessman. But they need collateral to give loan unlike Grameen Bank. Local users are also competitor of Grameen Bank in rural area. Polli Kormo Sohayok Foundation (PKSF) emerged in 1990 as one of largest micro credit lending organization which is giving micro-credit small amount of interest. Now this organization is working with other 275 associating organization country wide.