17. Experience as an Internee

17.1. My Experience of Internship in Grameen Bank
I started my internship in Grameen Bank on 2nd October, 2011 with a group of 3 members. I understood that internship in Grameen Bank is mainly to learn the Grameen Bank?s working process.

Internship experience in Grameen Bank may be divided into two sects.
- Theoretical Experience
- Practical Experience

17.1.1. Theoretical Experience:
I attended a lot of meetings, briefings and discussions about Grameen Bank and its activities. I have known that Grameen Bank?s working procedures, loan system and repayment system theoretically. Grameen Bank has several kinds of loans as I explained before. Grameen Bank is working for spreading education among the children of Grameen Bank members. Grameen Bank officials have explained everything we need to understand Grameen Bank and we ask.

I attended many meetings in Grameen Bank and its family organizations like Grameen energy, Grameen trust, Grameen fund, Grameen Communications, Grameen Shikkha (Education) and Grameen-Caledonian Nursing College. I also watched video presentation on Grameen Bank activities and achievements.

In two trips to village I have known got an understanding about Grameen Bank branch office activities I worked for a shadow staff in branch during my visit to Jinardi Polash Branch, Narsingdi District.

17.1.2. Practical Experience:
In the second week of internship in Grameen Bank, according to Grameen Bank internship schedule, we started to gather practical experience. We visited to an old branch office of Grameen Bank in Muljan, Manikganj for day long trip. Grameen Bank?s subject matter is village poor people and working place is village. So it will be incomplete if we do not go to village.

Practical experience also can be dividing into two sects
- In field
- In Branch office

In field
In field visit I went to Muljan Branch in Mnikgonj We attended in a center meeting where about 50 poor female members gathered. We heard their experience in Grameen Bank. We talked them about Grameen Bank activities, loans, repayment system. We wanted to know how they are becoming beneficiary by Grameen Bank loans. They briefed us about their experience and they felt very pleased to tell their success by utilizing the Grameen Bank loans. They told us when they were helpless; nobody came to help them except Grameen Bank. By getting loans from Grameen Bank without collateral and legal document they started to do productive economic activities. That centers borrower are using the money in many sectors such as cultivation, small business, selling goods etc. some old members now possess poultry farm or dairy farm but they had nothing to tell when they first time borrowed money.

I specially talked to a female member who involved with Grameen Bank for 22 years. She told me that she had nothing then, now she has every thing like two semi-paka houses, two acres of fertile land, milk cows, numbers of hens and ducks etc.

In Branch office
In Branch office we observed the activities, working process, data record system and maintaining the ledger book. That branch was composed of a manager, an accountant, six center managers and a messenger. There were many forms with number for separate action. Centers managers daily activities can be divided into three parts. From 8am to 12pm they collect installment from borrowers in center meetings in field and disburse loans at office from 12pm to 2pm and finally after lunch they maintain register and ledger books. Then they prepare a sheet of daily activities for MIS center. This sheet includes daily collections of installment, loans disbursement and loan applications.

17.1.3. Tours to Branch Office
During my internship I did two trips to village. One has been done in the third week and other is in fifth week.
- One-day trip
- Over-night Trip

One-day trip:
In one day trip I have first time known about Grameen Bank?s actual activies. I went to Muljan, Manikgonj for one day.

Over-night Trip:
I went Jinardi Polash branch office situated in Narsingdi. I stayed there for a week.

17.2. Problems Encountered
During internship I have faced many problems before finding internship office and after findings. These are

- As a student of International Relations I tried engaged me such an organization which is compatible to my discipline. But I failed to find that because of not having graduation.
- In 8th semester regular class and internship went on together. It was difficult for me to be regular in bath class and internship. I had to suffer hardship to do both at a time.
- According to the Grameen Bank intern schedule tour to branch office is must. I had to go to tour consequently I missed some classes and valuable attendance mark.
- In Grameen Bank branch office tour, I had to bar all the expenses of tours in both day trip and over-night trip.

17.3. How internship experience impact on my carrier
Internship in Grameen Bank might impact on my future career although it is not compatible my discipline. I do not have any future plan to work in Grameen Bank. But micro-credit is now spreading all over the world. International organizational has recognized this type of loan. It added a new concept in Bangladesh economy as well as world economy. So I think this experience will help progress in life. I have a plan to do something for the poor people in future if I reach to a good position in society. Then I can apply this experience

17.4. Acknowledgement During Internship
During internship Grameen Bank staffs in head office and branch office helped me very much. So I want give them thanks for their kind assistance. During tour to branches I took many interviews of old and new Grameen Bank members, scholarship holders, higher education loan recipients. They talked with me frankly about their experience from Grameen Bank. I want to give them thank through my report.