Technical skill is knowledge and ability of a person in any type of process or technique. Examples are the skills learned by accountants, engineers, word processing operators and toolmakers.

Conceptual skill is the ability to think in terms of models, frameworks and broad relationship such as long-range plans. A small group of executives like president, vice president, chief executive officer holds at higher organizational levels and they create the organization's goals, overall strategy and operating policies.

Technical skill is the distinguishing feature of job performance at the operating and professional levels, but as employees are promoted to leadership responsibilities, their technical skills become proportionately less important, they increasinglydepend ontechnical skills of their subordinates; in many cases they have never practiced some of the technical skills that they supervise. Conceptual skill deals with ideas, whereas human skill concerns people and technical skill involves things.

On the above discussion and analyzing the above figure it can be concluded that technical skill becomes less important and conceptual skill becomes more important to the higher organizational levels.