Objectives & National Drug Policy in detail:

For General peoples sake:
To ensure that the common people have easy access to useful, effective, safe and good quality essential and other drugs at affordable prices.

Strengthen Drug Regulatory Authority:
To strengthen the Directorate of Drug Administration by raising its status to that of a Directorate General of Drug Administration with corresponding increase in its manpower and infra-structure facilities to make it more effective as a Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA).

To update, from time to time, the criteria of registration for import of all systems of medicines in line with the quality guidelines followed in developed countries to ensure safety, efficacy and usefulness of such medicines.

Attaining self sufficiency by giving preference to local drug manufacturers:
To provide on a priority basis, required services and facilities to local drug manufacturing industries of all the recognized systems of drugs so that self-sufficiency is attained in the manufacture of both drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials.

Taking measure to clear confusing propaganda:
To exercise government control over advertisement so that common people are not hood-winked by commercial advertisement on drugs and health matters.

Ensuring Good Quality with adequate Quantity:
To encourage all local and foreign companies to manufacture good quality essential drugs in adequate quantities in the country.

Punish the corrupts:
To ban the manufacture, sale and distribution of counterfeit, adulterated and sub-standard drugs and to award exemplary punishment to persons guilty of such actions.

To strengthen the system of procurement, storage and distribution of drugs and medicines so that these are accessible to people in all areas of the country.

Generic Names:
To allow manufacturers to manufacture, distribute and sell drugs by their Generic or Formulary names and Trade or Brand names (except in Homeopathic medicines) as appropriate for best identity of the product.

Controlling Prices:
To continue the current system of controlling prices of the commonly used essential drugs as listed and updated from time to time by the Government.

Encourage Foreign Manufacturer:
To encourage foreign manufacturers to invest, manufacture and sell drugs in Bangladesh with corresponding assurance of transfer of new technology and technical knowledge in the country.

Encouraging Research & Development:
To encourage both local and multinational manufacturers to establish full—fledged Research & Development (R & D) facilities in the country.

Encouraging Local Production:
To encourage investors to set up facilities for manufacturing pharmaceutical raw materials in the country.

Rational Use:
To ensure rational use of drugs (RUD) by proper counseling and motivation of both the prescriber and the end-users.

Proper monitoring:
To ensure proper monitoring of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) in the country by motivating the physician and the patients to report cases of adverse reactions of drugs.

To put emphasis on training of the people working in the Directorate of Drug Administration and in the Quality Control and Production departments of the manufacturing units.