With multiple stores in Dhaka, Agora is a leader in superstore retail organizations. The combination of quality and price under various brand name offers customers value for their money. I have examined and evaluated the operations of Agora, LTD including its strengths and weaknesses. I recommend the following in order to ensure continued success for the future of all Marks and Spencer stores:

1. Find alternative sources to supply resources to Marks and Spencer stores abroad.
2. Increase marketing efforts.
3. Strengthen existing resources, add complementary resources, and develop new resources.
4. Evaluation of Current Objectives and Current Strategy


Let us conclude by saying that there are good reasons to feel confident that these retailing companies such as Agora, although likely to be difficult and take time; will succeed.

The government program has identified improved performance as a key objective of reform and this offers clarity of purpose which can be widely understood.

The retailing companies (such as Agora) are consistent with the goal of EU accession which provides an external anchor but most persuasive is the fact that the focus on service delivery to the people, if realistically managed, will reinforce popular support for such retailing companies (such as Agora).

We believe these retailing companies (such as Agora) will benefit from the involvement of civil society organizations which have an inherent interest in improving government performance and in monitoring and providing objective feedback that is essential to any self-correcting system.

The World Bank stands ready to support these retailing companies (such as Agora) with knowledge and financial assistance, as required. We would be pleased to react positively to any government request for technical and financial assistance. We are particularly glad to have contributed in this report as further support to the retailing companies (such as Agora) being introduced by the authorities.