Understanding the historical context from which some of today's organizational structures have developed helps to explain why some structures is the way they are but Agora using a structured which is more horizontally capitalizing on the innovativeness of their employees. Part of the reason, as this section discusses, is that organizational structure of Agora that has a certain inertia—the idea borrowed from physics and chemistry that something in motion tends to continue on that same path.

Because of this unique management process, I have decided to write my term paper on the Agora, a leading one stop shopping mall in Bangladesh.

From the very beginning of Agora was thriving.

First, the emergence of the traditional organizational structure in Agora provides additional detail regarding how this affected the practice of management. The structure of Agora is unique in some respects, but the structures were developed or are consciously designed to enable the organization to accomplish its work. Typically, the structure of Agora evolves as the organization grows and changes over time.

Second, the managers of Agora have to make decisions as they develop an organizational structure, although they may not be explicitly aware of these decisions. First, the organization's work must be divided into specific jobs. This is referred to as the division of labour. Second, unless the organization is very small, the jobs are grouped in some way or in other words jobs are departmentalized.

Third, the number of people and jobs that are grouped together are decided by the Managers. This is related to the number of people that are to be managed by one person, or the span of control—the number of employees reporting to a single manager.

Fourth, the way decision-making authority is to be distributed is determined.

In making each of these design decisions, a range of choices are possible. At one end of the spectrum, jobs are highly specialized with employees performing a narrow range of activities; while at the other end of the spectrum employees perform a variety of tasks.

Agora is synonymous with market at low prices and name brand quality products. The company basis of success and foundations cannot be credited to the current management. Agora formula for success simply put is their relationship with customers, employees, and technology that assists in forming relationships with their suppliers; places Agora as the top discount retailer, history-development, and Growth Sam Agora to become the top discount retailer. The Mega Corporation has eliminated top competitors such as Nandan and PQS to reign supreme over the discount retailing market. Following international trend, discount retailing evolved due to frugality during year 2000. Agora opened the first outlet in Dhanmondi in 2000. And see what the company could do to improve. Agora needs to do research on the locations that it moves to. The customs and the people need to be thoroughly looked into so a new store opens as smoothly as possible. Meeting could be held with business owners and locals to answer in questions or concerns. Relationships need to be looked at closely especially between the employees and suppliers so that it becomes one of give, take, and trust and not so one sided.