Automobile Manufacturing:

The automotive industry is the industry involved in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of motor vehicles. In 2006, more than 69 million motor vehicles, including cars and commercial vehicles were produced worldwide. In 2006 16 million new automobiles were sold in the USA, 15 million in Western Europe, 7 million in China and 2 million in India. In 2007, the markets in Canada, USA, Western Europe and Japan are stagnating, while those in South America (especially Brazil), Eastern Europe (especially Russia), and Asia (South Korea and India) are growing.

 In Bangladesh all the automobiles are imported from Japan, Korea, China and India mostly.  These become expensive and not always suitable to fit our environment.  I like to setup an automobile factory where low cost automobiles will be manufactured and suitable for use in Bangladesh.

Diamond polishing company in Bangladesh:

The Gem diamond needs to be polished to achieve the shine and glitter.  Using special pads, the diamond can be polished.  There are several factories in the world but none in Bangladesh.  It can be established as the machine to polish diamond is simple to operate and worker does not need much previous experience. Unpolished diamond will be brought in and they will be polished and send back to the sender or buyer, like garments factory. They send design, cloths and in Bangladesh we do the tailoring and send back the ready made garments to Europe and USA for diamond polishing, it is same. Unpolished diamond will come from mines of South Africa and after polishing they will go to Europe. Company will be started in Dhaka city. We can borrow a Bank loan but bank loan same as garments company but against LC.