Soft drinks in new packaging system

In our country soft drinks like Coca cola, Pepsi and many local drinks are now served in plastic bottle in the market. To minimize the cost company can introduce a new packaging system. In our country different kind of juice like mango, orange, litchi are served in a paper bag. If cold drinks introduce in these system then it will be cost-effective. New beverages are coming in the market frequently as the demand is high. If soft drinks served in a paper bag then it will easy to carry and demand will increase more. If any new or existing companies come in the market with these change, surely they will get positive response from the customer.

Fresh Vegetable Corner

In our country many superstores are growing popular. For day to day shopping vegetables is one of them. It is perishable food. In super stores price of vegetables are relatively high. My idea is to open a vegetable corner, where one can enjoy only fresh vegetables daily. In Dhaka city there are many general stores but you can hardly find only vegetable corner. Just beside the Dhaka city many poor people cultivate vegetables and sell it by themselves. As a result the have to concentrate both producing and selling vegetables. If I collect all the vegetables from them they do not have to bear the risk of selling the vegetables on the open road. Everyday morning at 6a.m. my agent collect vegetables from them and put that to my store before 7a.m. and the payment of the farmers will be on their hand before 12 noon. I assure them to pay on time as a result they will be motivated to producing more. If the vegetable corner is front of other general store, people need not to go far from their house to buy vegetables. If I can provide fresh vegetable to the customer timely the business will surely be a successful one.