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Departments, Structure and Organizational Hierarchy of Dhaka Bank Ltd (Part 4)
Md. Mahmudul Hasan manna
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By Md. Mahmudul Hasan manna
Published on 7 July 2012
Departments, Organization Structure and Organizational Hierarchy of Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL).

Departments, Structure and Organizational Hierarchy of Dhaka Bank Ltd
1.8 Departments of DBL
Dhaka Bank maintains the jobs in a proper and organized considering their interrelationship that are allocated in a particular department to control the system effectively. Different departments of DBL are as follows:

Human Resources Division
Dhaka Bank Limited recognizes that a productive and motivated work force is a prerequisite to leadership with its customers, its shareholders and in the market it serves. Dhaka bank treats every employee with dignity and respect in a supportive environment of trust and openness where people of different backgrounds can reach their full potential.

The bank’s human resources policy emphasize on providing job satisfaction, growth opportunities, and due recognition of superior performance. A good working environment reflects and promotes a high level of loyalty and commitment from the employees. Realizing this Dhaka Bank limited has placed the utmost importance on continuous development of its human resources, identify the strength and weakness of the employee to assess the individual training needs, they are sent for training for self-development. To orient, enhance the banking knowledge of the employees Dhaka Bank Training Institute (DBTI) organizes both in-house and external training.

The major responsibilities of HR are as follows:
• Employee recruitment
• Posting
• Transfer
• Increment
• Established yearly performance bonus
• Provident fund
• Confirmation
• Training
• Travel policy
• Telephone policy

Personal Banking Division
The personal banking department deals with the consumer credit schemes such as the personal loan, car loan, education loan, tax loan, personal secured loan that are tailored to meet the demand of individual customers. The manager of DBL credit who approves and administers all the activities heads this department. The approval officer mainly rejects or approves the credit requests. After being checked by the approval officer, the credit requests go to the processing officer for further processing of the application.

Treasury Division
Their main job is to take decisions regarding purchase and sell of foreign Currency. The purpose of Treasury's operations is to utilize the funds effectively and arrange funds at a lowest possible rate of interest, through maintaining effective relationship with other banks and following the Government rules and foreign exchange regulations.

Computer and Information Technology Division
This department gives the software and hardware supports to different departments of the bank. As Dhaka Bank is engaged in online banking, the role of IT is very crucial for the bank. This department is the most active department of DBL where employees always stand by to solve any problems in the system. The managers and executives of IT division work continuously to develop the total IT system of DBL so that it can be operated with ease, accuracy, and speed. Since its journey as commercial Bank in 1995 Dhaka Bank Limited has been laying great emphasis on the use of improved technology. It has gone to online operation system since 2003. The main softwares that DBL uses are:
• Flexcube
• DBCube
• SWIFT Manager
• Word
• Excel
• El Dorado
• Dhaka Bank Server
• Nikash
• Western Union
• Dhaka Bank Foreign Trade

Credit Division
The borrowing capacity provided to an individual by the banking system, in the form of credit or a loan. The total bank credit the individual has is the sum of the borrowing capacity each lender bank provides to the individual. Credit Policy Committee is composed of the managing director, the general manager, the Chief Risk Officer and the assistant general manager responsible for credits. Committee meets every other week, evaluates the banks overall lending portfolio and determines principles and policies regarding portfolio management.

Operation Division
This is an integral and vital part of the bank. The services department ensures smooth operation and functioning within and between all the departments of DBL. It also provides continuous support to the core banking activities of DBL. The Manager of Services heads the department who formulates and manages various critical issues of the services function of DBL. He is followed by a group of executives who are the heads of various subsidiary divisions that operate within the services department. The Services Department is considered as the backbone of all other departments.

Card Division
DBL is the first domestic commercial bank in Bangladesh to introduce Visa Electronic and Visa Credit Card at the same time. DBL is also the only bank in Bangladesh to introduce Visa ATM Acquirer along with POS Acquire, which opened the opportunity for all the Visa Cardholders (domestic and international) to use the ATMs.

Finance & Accounts Division
This is considered as the most powerful department of DBL. It keeps tracks of each and every transaction made within DBL Bangladesh. It is headed by Manager of FCD who ensures that all the transactions are made according to rules and regulation of DBL group. Violation of such rules can bring serious consequences for the lawbreaker. The functions of FCD are briefly discussed below along with an organ gram of the department.

Audit & Risk Management Division
The Risk Management Division is responsible for measuring risks that the Bank might face in the course of its operations, developing corporate risk management policies and ensuring that risks remain within the limits in which the Bank prefers to bear such risks in line with its own strategic targets and risk appetite. The primary goal of risk management is to provide capital to businesses in line with their risks (economic capital), maximize risk-adjusted return and increase the added value.

The risk management function consists of Market Risk, Credit Risk and Operational Risk Management Units. Bank Risk Committee, Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO), Credit Policy Committee, and Operational Risk Management Committee are the other risk management bodies.

Risk Management Unit (RMU)
During the 3rd quarter of the year 2009 the Management of the Bank has set up a Separate Risk Management Unit (RMU) in line with Bangladeshi Bank directives. The RMU functions under direct supervision of the Managing Director, who is assigned by the Deputy Managing Director ( Risk Management). The Risk Management Unit supervises and monitors independently and consistently the management of following Main Risks:
1. Credit Risk
2. Asset- Liability Risk
3. Foreign Exchange Risk
4. Internal Control & Compliance
5. Anti Money Laundering
6. Information and Communication Technology
7. Balance Sheet Risk
8. Operational Risk
9. Market Risk
10. Liquidity Risk
11. Reputational Risk
12. Insurance Risk
13. Sustainability Risk

The main purpose for establishing the RMU is to prevent the Bank from taking too much risk and build up a Capital Adequacy, which is more risk sensitive. The RMU tends to take necessary measures and find out strategy against financial crisis, unusual market condition, and different investment vulnerabilities.

1.9 Organizational Structure of Dhaka Bank Ltd
There are four different wings to consist the organizational structure of DBL. They are:
• Board Directors
• Executive Committee
• Audit Committee

1.10 Organizational Hierarchy
Managing Director
Deputy Managing Director
Senior Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President
Senior Vice President
Vice President
Senior Asst. Vice President
First Assistant Vice President
Assistant Vice President
Senior Principal Officer
Principal Officer
Senior Officer
Probationary Officer
Junior Officer
Asst. Officer/Asst. Cash Officer
Trainee Asst. Officer/Trainee Asst. Cash Officer
Telephone Operator
Trainee Telephone Operator