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What have you learned from I/O Psychology course?
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By Super Admin
Published on 24 January 2009
What have you learned from I/O Psychology course? Assignment on I/O Psychology Reflection Paper.

What have you learned from I/O Psychology course?
The name of the course is I/O Psychology. The word Psychology was derived from the two Greek words-Psyche means “Soul” and Logos means “Science.” But it required more things which are observable and measurable.

Basically “Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental process”.

Scientific study- It consists of three steps:
*  Identifying questions of interest
*  Formulating an explanation
*  Carrying out research designed to lend support to or refute the explanation.

Behavior- Behavior means any activities both internal and external.

Mental process- It includes all functions of our cognitive world like sensation, perception, memory, thinking, learning, judgment and rationalization.

Now comes to I/O Psychology. It is one of the branches of Psychology. Generally it is concerned with the Psychology of work place.

More things I have learned from this course. I learn how to design efficient job, how to select employee, how to trained employee and how to measure performance appraisal. I also learn Organizational Psychology develop from the human relations movement in Organizations. It focuses more than industrial Psychology on the individual employee. Organizational topics include employee attitudes, employee behavior, job stress and supervisory practices.

How people are motivated in the organization, what are the personal characteristics and performance of the employee, how is the environmental condition etc. I also learn about what types of research methods I will apply in the organization, What are the role of OCB, why employee are absence in the organization, why they move to other organization(Turnover), why they are enter into late(Lateness), organizational development theory I learn. Lastly I learn what the assessment methods for selection and placement are.