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Full Range of Banking and Investment Services of Dhaka Bank Limited (Part 6)
Md. Mahmudul Hasan manna
my name is manna...i am a student of southeast university 
By Md. Mahmudul Hasan manna
Published on 13 July 2012
Full range of banking and investment services for personal and corporate customers of Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL).

Full range of banking and investment services for personal and corporate customers of Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL)
1.13 Services of Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL)
The Bank offers the full range of banking and investment services for personal and corporate customers, backed by the latest technology and a team of highly motivated officers and staff.

The Bank has launched Online Banking service, joined a countrywide shared ATM network and has introduced a co-branded credit card.

Dhaka Bank Limited offers various types service. Those are:
• Corporate Banking
• Personal Banking
• Islamic Banking
• Capital Market Services
• ATM Card Services
• Credit Card Services
• Locker Services

Corporate Banking
Providing a tailored solution is the essence of our Corporate Banking services. Dhaka Bank recognizes that corporate customers' needs variation from one to another and a customized solution is critical for the success of their business.

Dhaka Bank offers a full range of tailored advisory, financing and operational services to its corporate client groups combining trade, treasury, investment and transactional banking activities in one package.

Whether it is project finance, term loan, import or export deal, a working capital requirement or a forward cover for a foreign currency transaction, our Corporate Banking Managers will offer you the right solution. You will find top-class skills and in-depth knowledge of market trends in our corporate Banking specialists, speedy approvals and efficient processing fully satisfying your requirements - altogether a rewarding experience.

Loan Syndication
DBL participates in a number of loan syndication arrangements involving foreign investment has been highly acclaimed. The projects that they have handled as the lead arranger or co-arranger with other banks and financial institutions include production and export oriented ventures in power generation, cement production, food processing and a large undertaking in leisure and amusement

Floating of Public Issues
The Bank assists companies to underwrite public issues. Dhaka Bank has successfully participated in a number of issues.

Personal Banking
Amongst Private Sector bank's, Dhaka Bank has already made its mark in the personal banking segment. The promotions like "Baishakhi Offer", a strategic tie up with Electra International Limited, distributor of Samsung brand products, and "Freeze the Summer Campaign" a strategic tie-up with Esquire Electronics Limited, distributor of Sharp/General Brand electrical appliances saw Dhaka Bank to experience more than a reasonable growth on the personal banking business in 2008.

Islamic Banking
Dhaka Bank Limited offers Shariah based Islamic Banking Services to its clients. The bank opened its First Islamic Banking Branch on July 02, 2003 at Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka. The second Islamic Banking branch of the bank commenced its operation at Agrabad Commercial Area, Chittagong on May 22, 2004. Dhaka Bank Limited is a provider of on line banking services and any of its clients may avail Islamic Banking services through any of the branches of the bank across the country.
Dhaka Bank Islamic Banking Branches offer fully Shariah based, Interest free, Profit-Loss Sharing Banking Services. Dhaka Bank Shariah Council is closely monitoring its activities. Besides, Dhaka Bank is an active member of Islamic Banking
Consultative Forum, Dhaka and Central Shariah Board of Bangladesh.

Capital Market Services
Capital Market Operation besides investment in Treasury Bills, Prize Bonds and other Government Securities constitute the investment basket of Dhaka Bank Limited. Interest rate cut on bank deposits and government savings instruments has contributed to significant surge on the stock markets in the second half of 2004, which creates opportunities for the Bank in terms of capital market operations. The Bank is a member of Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited.

ATM Card Services
- Cash Withdrawals – up to Tk.1 Lac per day
- Utility payments – T&T, Mobile phones, DESA, etc.
- Multi-account access
- Fund Transfers
- Mini Statements
- PIN change

Credit Card Services
Dhaka Bank Limited brings you Your Everyday Credit Card in the shortest possible time. We recognize that you need your card every day. That is why we have developed processes to guarantee delivery of your card in just 7 days when you apply for a fully sec ured card; for an unsecured card it will be ready in just 10 days.

Locker Services
A client could use the locker facility of Dhaka Bank Limited and thus have the option of covering your valuables against any unfortunate incident. DBL offer security to our locker service as afforded to the Bank's own property at a very competitive price.

Online Banking Services
Dhaka Bank Limited introduces Net Banking and intends to maintain the lead with enhanced facilities through this media. Client can get access to real time account information through the Internet. Transfer money from his/her account, utility bill payment and more. Through on–Line Banking Services, clients can deposit to and withdraw from his/her account held with a particular branch up to a limit of Tk: 10,000.00 through any branch of Dhaka Bank Limited

Internet Banking Services
Through Internet banking the client can access the account to view and print the balance account statement for last 20 (twenty) transactions.

1.14 Other Products and Services

Global Trade Services (GTS)

Global Trade Services (GTS), Head Office consists of two units- Financial Institutions or FI and Remittance Unit. FI arranges correspondent banking network, credit lines and other facilities required for 15 Authorized Dealer (AD) branches and one Offshore Banking unit of DBL. With a vast network (320+) of correspondents throughout the globe, Dhaka Bank Limited is one of the banks in Bangladesh enjoying credit line facility from International Finance Corporation (IFC) under it's Global Trade Finance Facilitation Program (GTFP) for conformation of the L/Cs issued by itself. Dhaka Bank Ltd. provides the following services:
• Import Letter of credits
• Export Letter of credits, negotiation & documentary collection
• Local guarantees against counter guarantees

Small and Medium Enterprises
Dhaka Bank has come forward to extend its services towards Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises. Since inception, the Dhaka Bank has held socio-economic development in high esteem and was among the first to recognize the potentials of SMEs. Recognizing the SME segment’s value additions and employment generation capabilities quite early, the Bank has pioneered SME financing in Bangladesh in 2003, focusing on stimulating the manufacturing sector and actively promoting trading and service businesses.

It should be noted that there are products not mentioned here like special service, different types of the same product. I learned that during my internship there.

How will the customer know about these products? They would have to discuss with the CSO or the Branch Manage.