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Internship Job at Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL), Uttara Branch (Part 7)
Md. Mahmudul Hasan manna
my name is manna...i am a student of southeast university 
By Md. Mahmudul Hasan manna
Published on 21 July 2012
Nature of internship jobs in General Banking, Credit and Foreign Trade Department of Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL). My Specific Responsibilities and observation.

My Job at Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL), Uttara Branch
Part 2
My Job at Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL), Uttara Branch

My internship at Dhaka Bank Limited started on January 17th, 2010 and it ended on April 20th, 2010. During these 3 months I was assigned at the Uttara Branch. I had a lot of fun, but more importantly I finally understood working by actually being there. This practical orientatin is necessary for the development and preparation of a person in the job world. The things that I have learned at Dhaka Bank are:

• Meaning of responsibility
• Necessity of commitment
• Punctuality and regularity is very important
• Ability to interact with different sorts of people

Dhaka Bank has a prepared internship program for internees. Although it is rarely followed, it served as a guide for me. I was rotated across all 4 different department in the past 3 months.

2.1 The Nature of the jobs and my Specific Responsibilities

The first week I was in the Cash Department. Banks don’t usually put interns in this department but I was lucky to see firsthand what happens behind the counter. I did not have much responsibility in that department as I was not to mess with their hectic and hasty transactions, but they eventually did give me some work. My responsibilities in this department were just to assist them in any small way possible. I learned the following from this department:
• Counting money in various ways
• Use the counting machine
• Use the photocopy machine
• Counting the vouchers
• Checking the individual EOD (End of day Journal report) of each cashier
• Learn about Flexcube – the software used to verify all forms of deposits and withdrawals.
• Learned to become more free among the other employees
• Learned about the Money Laundering Act

Although these activities were small, they helped me understand the nature of the work.

Then I was assigned to GB (General Banking). I spent the next 5 weeks here. It was very arduous, but very fruitful. I was under Mehreen Islam (AVP), who was very intellectually intriguing.
I had a wide variety of responsibilities at GB:
• Bringing out the cheque books for the customers, verifying them, receiving them from the courier.
• Writing and later on printing pay orders
• Sometimes I did the FD (Fixed Deposits) and DPS (Deposit Pension Scheme), but it was under strict supervision.
• Counting the voucher of GB
• Finding the FD, DPS and old account opening forms
• Opening account for new customers and aiding them in the process
• Opening FD and DPS for new customers
• Putting 5 different types of seals for clearing
• Numbering shares and putting seals on them during IPOs
• Checking the EOD
• Preparing the bill for the branch’s expenditure for that day
• Inputting information onto the DB Cube.
• Making solvency certificates
• Typing other documents given by my incharge
• Keeping things in order and at arm’s length

The work was really hard at GB. I also had to hear a lot of complaints from the customers. At first I was demoralized. But later on I learned how to deal with it.

I was in the Credit Department for the next 2 weeks. Although much work was not assigned to me, I did assist this department in whatever way possible.
• I had to rearrange all the customer files
• Help out when the audit came
• Checking and filling up CIB forms
• Printing, typing and photocopying documents

The last 4 weeks I was posted in the foreign trade department. I did not have to deal with the customers that much but there were a lot of responsibilities that I had. Such as:
• Processing a new LC ( Letter of Credit)
- Fill up the LCAF Forms
- Calculating the VAT, commission, margin etc
- Printing the SWIFT message
- Filling up the CF-7 Forms
- Putting seals
- Taking signatures
- Numbering the LCs
- Learned about The Foreign Regulation Act 1947
• Doing the similar things for BTB (Back-to-Back) LCs and Local LCs
• Preparing the LC for CPC (Control Processing Center)
• Filling up the IMP forms
• Putting the LC and IMP into their following registers
• Learning to put different types of seals
• Printing Cover Letters, letters etc
• Picking up the phone, calling up customers for missing information
• Preparing T&M (Travel and Miscellaneous) for Bangladesh Bank
• Taking necessary papers from customers such as taking photocopy of National ID card, Passport, Trade License etc
• Photocopying was a major activity in this departments
• Learned how to receive mail and send out mail via courier
• Learning the basics of these softwares – Flexcube Corporate, Western Union, DBCube, Dhaka Bank Foreign trade (for other remittancies other than Western Union)
• Counting vouchers
• Giving out Western Union forms to customers

2.2 Observation
It was very interesting working at Dhaka Bank. The people there are really nice and talented. The things that I have noticed and observed are:
• Work is never left pending for the next day unless it is absolutely necessary
• The work process could be made faster with better computers and operating systems.
• A good job performance is rarely praised, hence lacking motivation of the employees
• There is always a rush of customers so there is no standard on what the employees do throughout the day. The work activities of an employee is set, but what to do when varies along the day
• The work activities are always set and divided for each of the employees. This is the way it should be, but when I saw it first hand it was remarkable. Each and every employee has a certain set of responsibilities. He/she carries out those responsibilities throughout the day. It is also easy to assign duties that way. Even though this is the case, I often saw other staff members helping each other out.