xv) Management and Human Resources
A well-educated, skilled and enterprising workforce with wide experience in banking is a precondition for the continued growth and progress of any bank. Our aim is to recruit and retain a competent workforce. We recruit experienced Bankers as well as fresh University Graduates whom we train through our own Training Institute. As on 31st December 1999, our human resources strength was 452.

xvi) Prime Bank Training Institute
Prime Bank Training Institute was set up in July 22, 1998 with the aim to build up a strong and skilled workforce. The Institute is located at 19, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka.

During the year, the Institute organized 4 (four) training courses on basic foundation of Banking, International Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange and Lending Risk Analysis which were participated by 96 participants. The Institute also conducted 7 (seven) workshops where a total of 245 participants attended. Apart from the Senior Executives of the Bank, eminent educationists and professionals were invited as guest speakers.

xvii) Islamic Banking Braches
Prime Bank Limited is operation branches on both conventional interest based banking and Islamic Shariah Principle based banking. The Islamic Banking operations are completely separate from the conventional Banking.
We have established a Shariah Board to advise and provide guidance on Islamic Banking operations. The following Islamic scholars having vast knowledge and ideas in Islamic Shariah relating to banking operations sit on the Board:

Janab Moulana Obaidul Haque, Khatib,
Baitul Mukarram National Mosque.                                   Chairman

Janab Shah Abdul Hannan, Former Chairman
Ministry of Finance and
Dy. Governor, Bangladesh Bank.                                      Vice Chairman

Jnab Moulana Mohammad Salahuddin
Principal, Alia Madrasa, Dhaka                                          Member
Jnab Moulana Abul Kalam Azad
Secretary General, Bangladesh Masjid Mission.                  Member

Janab Dr. M. Shamsher Ali,
Professor, Dhaka University                                                Member

Janab A.S.M. Fakhrul Ahsan, Director General,
Islamic Bank Training and Research Academy
and Former Dy. Governor, Bangladesh Bank.                     Member
Dr. R.A. Ghani, a member of the Board of Directors and Mr. Kazi Abdul Mazid, Managing Director of the Bank are also members of the Shariah Board.