During the year under review, our Islamic Banking Branches paid the following rates of Profit its the depositors which are highly competitive :

     Types of Deposits                                 Profit rate for the year 1999
1.  Mudaraba Saving Deposit                                    8.00%
2.  Mudaraba STD                                                    5.50%
3.  Mudaraba Term Depost - 3 months                      9.00%
4.  Mudaraba Term Depost - 6 months                      9.25%
5.  Mudaraba Term Depost - 12 months                    9.50%
6.  Mudaraba Term Depost - 24 months                   10.00%
7.  Mudaraba Term Depost - 36 months                   10.50%
8.  Monthly Benefit Deposit Scheme                         10.90%
9.  Monthly Contributory Savings Scheme                 11.50%
10.  Education Savings Scheme                                 12.50%

xviii) Branch Expansion
The number of branches of the Bank stood at 20 (Twenty) as on 31st December 1999. 18 of them have been licensed by Bangladesh Bank as Authorized Dealers in Foreign Exchange and they can transact all types of Foreign Exchange Business. During the year under review, 2 (Two) branches were opened at Bangshal, Dhaka and at Jessore. The Bank has plan to open 10 more branches during the year 2000 at different important and commercial places all over the country.

xix) Dividend
The Board of Directors of the Bank has been pleased to recommend 30% cash dividend for the year 1999 to the shareholders of the Bank subject to approval of Bangladesh Bank.

The members of the Board of Directors of Prime Bank Limited take this opportunity to offer their sincere thanks to the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bank and Security Exchange Commission for their valuable guidance and co-operation extended to the Bank from time to time. The Board also places on record its appreciation for excellent services rendered by the employees of the Bank. Finally, the Board of Directors expresses its gratitude to the valued clients, patrons, and well wishes of the Bank for their continued support and co-operation.