Research Report on Global Recession Impacts on Software Industries in Bangladesh

Submitted To:
Honorable Course Teacher
Dr. Tazul Islam
American International University of Bangladesh

Submitted By:
Khandaker Md. Shah Alam
ID: 08-92403-2

School Of Business
American International University of Bangladesh

Date of Submission:
August 2, 2009

Letter of Authorization
Dr. Tazul Islam, our honorable course teacher of “Research Methodology” authorized our group to pursue for this research work. For the partial requirements of our course study we chose “Global Recession Impacts on Software Industries in Bangladesh” as our research topic. On doing this research we encounters different abrupt situations, which we overcame with the direct guidance from our respective teacher and by applying own acumen. On the way of our research work we surely learn a lot of things that was unknown and could not ever possible to learn without direct involvement in the field. We are very grateful to him for assigning this entire relentless job, his advices and giving his valuable time. 
Any research work is full of hassle, thorn full and difficult to stick with. Some times hopeless too, because information is not that much available and respondents are most of the time reluctant to disclose some internal information. On this moment some kind hearted people around and some acquaints were identified very helpful to our research work- Mr. Jonnun Project Manager of “Eyeball”, Tuhin Kashem Program Manager of “Relisource Technologies Limited”, Aldrin Tomas Gaine Project Manager of “Genesys Systems Limited”, and Subodh Kumar Bhoumick Chief Technical Officer of “Flora Systems Limited”. We are conveying our heartiest thankfulness to them for supporting us by giving important information and guidelines. We are also grateful to the respondents who highly appreciate and co-operate with us by providing their critical views and thoughts to our queries.          

Executive Summery
Our research is to study the impacts of global recession on software industries in Bangladesh. We found that global recession has two impacts on the software industry. One of them is- global economic downturn hastened export growth of our software industry (Karim, H.N: 2009) because of low cost human resource. So many global companies are taking interest in Bangladesh's software industry. By using this opportunity some firms- like "Flora Systems Limited" (outsourcing + local) are investing to develop high-quality software and already improve than ever before. On the other hand we found some pure outsourcing companies like “Eyeball” have shut downed and “ReliSource Technologies Limited” is surviving with the environment. Where as a pure local company like “Genesys Systems Limited” have survived but could not improve. But from our research we have found that if the affected companies’ do critical analysis of the current market situation and take step-by-step strategic decisions to survive in the market and if government, private sector, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) and Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) take vigorous initiatives it will definitely improve, that we have recommend to protect and expand this industry. We believe there is a huge potential that the affected companies can recover, survive or even improve their current condition by critical analysis of both the market opportunities and their individual company’s strength and weakness. As a whole the software industry in Bangladesh may expand and earn foreign currency that can raise our national revenue.

Table of Contents

Statement of the Problem

Objective of the Research
Justifications of the Research
Literature Review

Methodology of the Study
Sampling Plan
Graphical Representation of Sampling Plan
Data Collection Method

Data Analysis and Findings
Table-01 Data Formation
Duration of the Software Industries
Global Recession Impacts on Employees
Summery of the Findings