An Overview of the Analysis:

By analyzing the two leading leasing companies of Bangladesh-IDLC & ULC, we found that they are performing a significant role as an alternative source of financing. Their net profit situation are satisfactory level in terms of  industrial growth rate. The percentage of the net profit of the two companies are very closed though ULC ensuring more earning per share than IDLC.

The overall leasing growth in the country during the 1998 & 1997 were about 15% and 24% respectively.  Whereas the growth of IDLC were pessimistic as 5.1% & (2.1%) in the year 1997 & 1998 respectively. On the other hand, the growth rate of ULC were very much satisfactory as 20% & 24% for the year 1997 & 1998 respectively.

There is a massive decline in overall financial performance of the two companies in 1998 because of an unprecedented flood which lasted for more than two month when most economic activities virtually came to a standstill.    


The leasing market is becoming more competitive because of the new leasing companies are entering the market. However, There are still leasing companies are doing well. The political stability and overall economic development is an essential preconditions of the smooth growth of this sector. If we can ensure this two preconditions, the leasing sector of Bangladesh would be able to perform a strong role in our industrial development.