Shareholding Structures
Industrial development leasing Company of Bangladesh limited (IDLC)

Foreign Sponsors                                                      45.0%
Korea Development Leasing Corporation                  20.5%
Korea Long Term Credit Bank                                 10.0%
International Finance Corporation                             10.0%
Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development             02.5%
German Investment and Development Company       02.5%
Total                                                                        100%

Domestic sponser                                                     37.1%
Industrial Promotion &Development
Company of Bangladesh Ltd.                                   16.8%
The City Bank Limited
Sadharan Bima Corporation                                     7.7%
General Public                                                         17.9%
Institution                                                                 6.6%
Individuals                                                               11.3%
Total                                                                       100%


Capital Structure as follows:

 Authorised : Tk.1000,000,000
(10,000,000 ordinary shares of Tk.100 each)

 Paid up : Tk. 150,000,000
(1,500,000 ordinary shares of Tk.100 each)

United Leasing Company(ULC)

Incorporation of the Company April 27, 1989

Shareholding Structure
The shareholding structure of ULC given bellow:

1.     Sponsers :
            Foreign        60.00 %
            Domestic     29.29 %
            Total           89.29 %

 2.     Institutional      :       3.49%
 3.     General  Public :      7.22%

 Capital Structure:


Authorised:                                                      Tk  120  million

Issued ,  Subscribed and  Paid up  :                   Tk   70  million



Net Working Capital:


                                                                        1997                     1998

  Current asset                                          220,555,925            316,512,305

  Less : Current Liability                            625,436,987            999,906,522

  Net working capital                               (404,881,062)          (683,394,217)


   Current asset                                       284,005,632              214,854,300

   Less: Current Liability                          367,620.005              999,906,522

   Net working capital                             (83,614,373)            (205,598,693)

Net Working Capital is a measure of liquidity of a firm. It is not a ratio, it measure a minimum level of net working capital that the firm should maintain.

The net working capital of both the companies (IDLC, ULC) in both the years are negative. That means, they are suffering from liquid asset (cash) to meet the current liabilities. The net working capital have been decreased in 1998 than in both the companies, IDLC and ULC. The reason is that the increased of current liabilities much than increased of current assets.

 In comparison, ULC is better position of net working capital than IDLC in both the years.