Earning per share:

Both IDLC and ULC, in 1998 decreased earning per share than 1997 due to net profit after tax increased in 1997 than 1998. Comparatively ULC’s earning per share is higher than IDLC though net IDLC’s net profit after tax is higher than ULC. So main reason ULC’s earning per shares is higher that IDLC’s outstanding shares is more (double) than ULC. So In the context of  “earning per share” , investment in ULC will be better then IDLC because earning per share of ULC is more.

                                                                          1997                   1998

   Net profit after tax                                      89,396,230             47,628,454
   Outstanding Shares                                      1,500,000               1,500,000
    Earning per share                                            59.60                      31.75


   Net profit after tax                                      63,864,232             44,146,107
   Outstanding Shares                                       700,000                  700,000
   Earning per share                                            91.23                      63.06

Dividend per share:

Dividend per share of IDLC decreased in 1998 than 1997, On the other hand dividend per share of ULC is increased in 1998 than 1997.  In 1997 dividend per share of IDLC was higher than ULC whereas in 1997 the dividend per share was equal between IDL and ULC.

                                                                         1997                         1998

   Dividend payable                                      45,000,000               37,5000,000
   Outstanding shares                                     1,500,000                  1,500,000
   Dividend per shares                                       30                                25


   Dividend payable                                      16,800,000               17,500,000
   Outstanding shares                                      700,000                     700,000
   Dividend per shares                                        24                              25