Data Analysis and Findings

During our study we have chosen four firms Flora System Limited, ReliSource Technologies Limited, Eyeball, and Genesys Systems Limited for getting direct responses from the software professionals, project manger, system analyst, chief technical officer, and system architecture. To choose these firms we talked informally and communicate through e-mail with many software professionals at different firms. Then we have carefully chosen every firm for our particular research purposes.

Why did we choose these firms?

We have chosen these firms as a sample of our study on the basis of three factors. Those are-

   Types of Business: Among four companies two are completely outsourcing companies, one of them is completely local company and one has local + outsourcing business.

   Supporting Business: Among four companies two have supporting business and two companies completely dependent on software business.

   Duration in the Software Industry: Among four companies two have 12 Years experience, one have almost 5 Years experience, another one have almost 1 Year experience in the software industry.

We have considered these three factors to choose the sample because we want to capture the whole picture of the impact of global recession in the different areas of software industry.

After getting all the data, prepared in tabular form and make it into information a compare and contrast analysis among four companies also did to formulate better interpretations.

Name of Companies


Relisource Technologies Limited

Genesys System Limited

Flora Systems Limited

Types of Business

Outsourcing Software Company

Outsourcing Software Company

Local Software Company

Local + Outsourcing Software Company

Supporting Business



Trading of Dell PC

Trading of Sagum Mobile, HP PC, Laptop

Duration in the Software Industry

Almost 1 Year

Almost 5 Years

12 Years

12 Years

No. of Employees before  Recession





No. of Employees after Recession





Layoff Policy

Step 1: 10 persons.


Step 2: 15 persons.

Step 1: 12 persons those are not involved into the current projects.


Step 2: 15 persons based on current performance and involvement into the current projects.


Step 3: 15 employees left the organization those are not properly qualified as well as not involved in the on going projects because they felt insecure because of layoff policy.


Step 1: 5 employees based on involved into the current projects as well as performance.


Step 2: 5 persons based on involvement into the current projects and performance.



No layoff, but some employees switched their job.


No of employees is increased through new employment.

Impact of Layoff Policy

Because of quick layoff they could reduce cost but their projects also hampered so they could not meet deadline.

Step by step layoff based on performance and involvement into the current projects helped to reduce cost as well as the current projects did not hampered.

Step by step layoff based on performance and involvement into the current projects helped to reduce cost as well as the current projects did not hampered.


Other Policies Taken to Cope with the Recession


Step 1: Fixed cost declined by reducing salary, bonus, and other facilities.


Step 2: Reduced salary as well as stopped providing some benefits such as-transport, lunch and snakes.


Step 3: Reduced some bonus such as-


Performance Bonus: It was (40-50) % of gross salary after reduction becomes (10-15) % of gross salary.


Stopped the quarterly bonus which was 20% of gross salary.


Reduced yearly increment based on performance-


Before: (25-30)%

After: (15-20) %

Banking Software Solution Technology has been improved. Such as-


Before: VB

After: C#. Net. Web Tec.

They developed VMIS (VAT Management Information system).


They increased their employees’ skill.


Impact of Taken Other Policies


By reducing salary, benefits, bonus able to reduce the fixed cost as well as some variable cost.

By reducing yearly increment based on performance able to reduce cost.



Because of improvement in the Banking Software Solution Technology they got the project for 300 branches of Janata Bank.


Because of VMIS software development they got the project for NBR (National Board of Revenue) automation.


Also they Got work of BPO      (Bangladesh Post Office) automation.