Scope and objective of the report

As a business expectative of future, we should have to gather experience beside our institutional education. We
should not concern our lesson only in classroom but to implement it in practical life that will help us in our future life.

So, identify objectives is very much important. Our purpose of preparing the repot is:

1. To identify and know the Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006.

2. To identify how the organization maintains their welfare measures regarding the employees.

3. To know how the organization uses the welfare measures to achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

4. To find out how effectively the Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006 work in the organization.

5. To learn implementation of Labor Act through analysis etc.

Methodology of the Study

Collection of data is an important part of a term paper preparation. In preparing the report we have maintained some steps.

Which are given bellow —

Step-1: At first, we select PRAN-RFL group for making our report on “implementation of the Bangladesh Labor Act-2006 in case of welfare measures” practices of a particular organization.

Step-2: We went to the PRAN-RFL group with group and meet with the managers and other employees.

Step-3: Then we collect various (primary and secondary) data from the manager about the "implementation of the Bangladesh Labor Act-2006 in case of welfare measures"

Step-4: Process the data through taking helpful hinds from our course teacher m. Anisur Rahaman.

Step-5: Again analysis and interpretation the data.

Step-6: Finally, we prepared our report.

Limitation of the Study

It was not so easy to us prepare such type of report as the following reasons was existed.

This report is based on the Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006 in case of welfare measures. We don’t have sufficient knowledge about Business and Industrial Law.

This is an analysis based report. An analysis on law is very difficult and it needs sufficient time. But we do not have surplus time to make such kind of analytical report.

As the PRAN-RFL group is a private organization, the authority try to keep some information confidential. As a result we were not capable to collect the total expected information from them.

Although we face some limitation, we were trying our best to overcome these complexities and provide information as far as possible.