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Bangladesh Labor Act 2006, in PRAN-RFL Group (Part-05)
shofiq uddin khan
I complete my BBA from PSTU. 
By shofiq uddin khan
Published on 18 July 2010

Over view of PRAN-RFL Group. Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006, in PRAN-RFL Group. Maternity welfare facilities.

Bangladesh Labor Act 2006, in PRAN-RFL Group

“Poverty and hunger are curses”- mission of PRAN-RFL group. So their aim is “to generate employment and earn dignity and self respect for our competitors” through profitable enterprises.

For the achievement of this mission and aim the most recognized PRAN-RFL group was established and started manufacturing in 1982.

PRAN means,
P- Program for
R- Rural
A- Advancement
N- Nationality

RFL means,

R- Rangpur
F- Foundry
L- Limited

(It is a water pump and plastic pipe industry)

From the time being it has now 17 associated companies and they are beverage, property,  agro based, tube wells, plastic pipes, etc. these associated industries are in-

Ghorashal and

It has already been obtained the ISO certificate. Their ISO mark is ISO-9001 and it was obtained after the three years of their manufacturing.
Major General (Ret) Amzad Khan Chowdhry people of Natore, was the founder and the managing director of PRAN-RFL group. His son Mr. Ahsan Khan Chowdhury is the deputy managing director of this group.
PRAN-RFL group is now one of the greatest and significant and most successful company in Bangladesh. They are now challenging the other multinational companies. They are now sending their products to abroad by ensuring their quality. Their export products such as rice, dal, mango bar, juice, mineral water, chatni, tea, white vinegar etc. They are a raising and developing company in Bangladesh. They may be and ideal for infant industries of our country. 


From the law we have come to know that, during the working hours there must be first aid boxes or almirahs with prescribed contents. And we observed that, in every factory of PRAN-RFL group, there is a health care center. This health care center provides medical facilities for the workers. If the workers face any minor accident, this health care center provides first aid facilities. They have a contract with “IBNA SINA” where they provide higher medical facilities for the workers of the factory.

According to law, these boxes and almirahs should be kept in charge of a responsible person who is trained enough. This group has four well trained medical assistant for each factory. They provide 24 hours medical facilities for the officers as well as the workers. There is a notice board in front of each health care center which shows the name of the supervisor’s who is in duty.  They have also one doctor for each factory.

According to the law for three hundred and more workers there shall be provided and maintained an ambulance room. In PRAN-RFL group they don’t have this separate room or individual ambulance facility. But the supervisor and the duty doctor are responsible for this facility.
According to law every organization consist of more than 25 workers must have to maintain a safety record book. PRAN-RFL group maintain the safety and record book where they write all the daily information’s. To maintain this book they have a maintainer who is responsible for this. This book also contain the entry and exist time of each and every employee with their signature, so that in any time they can figure out the total employees with their position. It is both helpful for the officers and the mid and lower level employees.

For every machinery they keep log book. This book is also maintained by a diploma engineer of mechanical. This book is also contain the date of purchase and expected working life. It helps them in charging depreciation and gets the salvage value.


According to law there must be some washing facilities include bathroom (separate for male and female) and keep the factory clean PRAN-RFL group provides washing facilities for the workers. They provide bathroom and washing facilities for separately male and female. But there is a problem in the out-side factory of Dhaka. Such as in Ragnpur, Natore they have toilets other than bathrooms.

But there is a own provision that each and every worker is bound to wash there hands and leg in the washing room before entering the factory.


Law says that if the quantity of employees exceed hundred than there should adequate canteen which is well furnished and with essential furniture. This canteen should be maintained by a managing committee. The managing committee should supply the hygienic foods. In PRAN-RFL group there are canteens in every factory. They don’t have any managing committee. They just give lease to the outside people but the leasee is liable to follow the rules and regulation of the company.


There are launch room for the workers where they can took there meal. There is a rule, those factories which have launch room the workers are bound to take their launch in the launch room and no workers can eat any food in the working room. But in those factories, if there is not any launch room, the canteen is used as a launch room. There is no separate launch room for the male and female workers. There is not any rest room for the workers; the workers use the canteen as a rest room.

From the law we have come to know that, if there are 25 or more than 25 women workers than there should be maintained rules for children, where the children of under 6 years will be cared.

But in PRAN-RFL group has no such kind of rooms for children. The workers are not allowed to bring their children with them in the factory. So there is no question of have a room for children. But it is in there plan to establish rooms for children in the future.


According to rules if quantity of workers is more than 200 than it is compulsory to group insurance for the employees. And this rules maintained by PRAN-RFL group.


1. Prohibition of employment of women workers
According to law, no women shall work during the eight weeks immediately following the day of her delivery, and no employer shall employ a woman for any difficult work for a long time before and after delivery. PRAN-RFL group gives at least 3 months maternity leave with pay.

2. Right to and liability for payment of maternity benefit
Every woman employed in any establishment shall be entitled to and liable for the payment of maternity benefit, within the tentative date of her delivery and after delivery. PRAN-RFL group gives only the salary but there is no other additional benefit.

3. Payment of maternity benefit incase of the death of a woman
No additional benefit is given to the woman other than their salary by the PRAN-RFL group. But they give the some of total salary of three months by cheque. In case of death of a woman in the time of delivery, this cheque will be transferred to her husband or any other nominated person.