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Findings and Recommendations for PRAN-RFL Group in Bangladesh Labor Act (Part-06)
shofiq uddin khan
I complete my BBA from PSTU. 
By shofiq uddin khan
Published on 18 July 2010

Findings and recommendations for PRAN-RFL Group in following the Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006.

Findings and Recommendations for PRAN-RFL Group

1. They provide the medical care center for the workers in every factory, which contains one doctor and supervisor. Their medical care center doesn’t supply any drug for the employees.

2. They keep safety and record book as well as log book for machinery.

3. They provide a well structure and well furnished canteen. They do not have any managing committee regarding the canteen. There is also lack of supervise the canteen. For this reason, sometimes the employees supper for lack of hygienic food.

4. They have adequate washing facilities in the factories, which are in the Dhaka city. But the factories which are not in the city of Dhaka don’t have enough washing facility for the workers.

5. Some of their factories have launch room but some of the factories have no launch room. Where there is no any launch room the canteen room is used as a launch room.

6. They have not any kind of rest room in any factory. So, that the employees use the canteen as a rest room. Under this circumstances, the canteen sometime turn into a very crowded place.

7. They do not provide any kind of room for the workers children and it is restricted to bring the children in the factory.

8. They provide three months maternity leave for each and every women employee. Moreover, with in this period they give the salary of the employee by cheque.

9. There is no other benefit for the women workers in the time of delivery and after the time of delivery.

This modern world is running smoothly with the help of following some rules in every sector. As like other sector, business sector is very much important to run smoothly. That is why the Labor and Business Act emerged. And, Bangladesh also updated its Labor Act in 2006. With the help of this Act and with the direct supervision of the Act each and every industry should run. Otherwise, they will fail in the competition as well as they will loose their legal entity. On the other hand, this era is the time of complex competition. Every organization tries to used the competitive advantage. So, it is not good for any organization to give his competitive advantage to others. For this reason, our observed organization PRAN-RFL groups always try to maintain the Labor Act 2006. If every organization strictly follow rules and regulation of Labor Act then it will helpful for the people to get greater benefit. If they have so then they will give their highest productivity that will increase the whole productivity of the organization, which will increase the national growth of the country. So, for our own interest and development we must try to maintain the Labor Act as proper as possible.

From the above discussion, we have come to know that PRAN-RFL group always tries to follow the Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006. But not in every sector they are succeed. There is some short comings. They have to try to minimize it. They are as follows-

1. In first-aid appliances, they have to try to supply some medicines for the employees so that the employees can have it easily in the time of emergency.

2. The factories, which are located out side of Dhaka city, do not have enough facilities for washing. They should try to provide the washing facilities towards the factory, which are not in the Dhaka city.

3. They do not have any managing committee for the canteen. They should try to build up a managing committee for the canteen.

4. They don’t have any separate launch room in several factories. They should try to build up launch rooms in each and every factory.

5. There is no separate entity of rest room in PRAN-RFL group. They should build up this concept for the welfare of the employees.

6. In this modern time, more and more female workers are coming to the work. So, they must try to build rooms for children.

7. Their maternity facility is not enough for the women employees. They should try to give some additional benefit in the time of delivery to the women employees.
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