Changes in Socio-Economic Factors
Form a strictly economic viewpoint, it can be said here stay some factors in the society which promote economic development. Income is the most vital issue in this regard and it will help to contribute in the overall change in the economy. This income will occur through the different profession of the different people. Because of SIDR, in this Kalapara area the attitude and the pattern of the people towards occupation have been dramatically changed. Some people lost everything for their business; someone lost their only boat for fishing, someone lost their grocery shop etc. As a result a great deal of change in occurs among the people of this area according to their socio- economic factors.
Classification of the Sample People According to Income Level
A person’s income level profoundly affects his product choice. Basically the income level is highly affected by the occupation. Most of the people who are employed before SIDR are lost their employment because of this SIDR. Huge numbers of people do not find any work for their livelihood. A good number of people lost or change their business after SIDR. In Kalapara Upazilla the common professions are – agriculture, fishing, business, poultry, cattle bearing, services and others. The people who are related with agriculture are lost their crops. Family which are depends on cattle are highly affected by SIDR Fisherman lost their boats. Some fisher lost their boat which is purchased by loans. So the living standard of this areas people is gone down after SIDR. But the hope word is that both Government and Non-government Organization try their level best to bring out the affected people from this deadly situation.

The deadly SIDR have direct impact on the income level. Our surveyed 25 peoples total income before SIDR is 2,693,000. After the SIDR the general price of the necessary product is increase on the other hand, their income is decreased to 2,475,000. So there made a direct decrease in income level. From our survey it is clear that the income level is decreased most of the cases but there also stay the vice versa over the situation. Through our chart we show that the net income is increased by 1.30%, on the other hand their net income is decreased by 9.40%. In total the net decrease amount is tk.218000 in overall. But there stay some sample people over whom the SIDR have no impact.
Classification of the Sample People According to their Assets
To live with minimum standard in the society every man must need to have some asserts. Our surveyed people have more or less assets of their own to maintain their life. But the pity matter is that most of the person’s assets is decrease after SIDR. The affected lost their house, boat, tree, cash money, gold’s, shop, cattle, etc. Even after SIDR some established businessmen lost everything and now their income level and the amount of assets is almost zero. Our survey result regarding this aspect is shown under the table and the graph below-
The assets of the general people are highly decreased by the affect of SIDR. Before SIDR our sample peoples’ total amount to assets is tk.11, 015,500 and after SIDR this amount is decreased to tk. 9,678,000. So in overall the net decrease in assets is by tk.1, 337,500. With the decrease of net assets the overall economic condition of this upazila is also gone under. So the people go more under the poverty line. Government and the Non-Government are trying their level best to recovery the people from this situation. 

Changes in Re-habitation Program

Kalapara is one of the smallest Upazilla of Bangladesh. The peoples of this area are mainly associated with the profession of fishing and farming. But after SIDR most of them are negatively affected by both economically and physically. To back their general work life they need to re-habitation program. Both government and the NGO are supporting the people in these aspects. Under this program they get basically rice, oil, pulse, ready food, house, blanket, financial supports, others. But in the time of providing those aids inequality is occurred among the affected and non affected people in this area. For our easy presentation of this report we divided the re-habitation program into two parts- aid and loans. Condition of providing aid and loans in this area are shown by table and graph below-

Table: 4.8: Aids received by the sample people of Kalapara Upazilla


Received (person)


Rice, oil, pulse



Ready food












From this table we see that, the sample receive different kind of relief products. From the 25 survey people 22 received rice, oil pulse, 1o got ready food. The received number of people of house, blanket and others product are sequentially 8, 12, 19. Here the other products different products such as match, candle, cloth, dry food, biscuit, necessary things for cooking, and living etc. Here people got relief many time from the both government and the NGO. 

Changes in the pattern of taking and non-taking of loans

After SIDR dramatic change is incurred among the people of this area in the matter of taking loans. The general number of taking loan in highly increased from the before any other time. Basically most of the people of the poor family take loan in this crisis moment. Government and NGO both providing loans here with no or little interest. So it is the way to come out form this deadly situation by utilizing the loans properly. The number of surveyed loan taking and the non taking people are shown with their percentage in the following table -
Table: 4.9: Changes occur among the surveyed people about loan

Surveyed People

Before SIDR

After SIDR




Loan taken





Loan do not taken










From the table we easily realize the general condition of the about financial condition after the deadly affect of SIDR. The number of loan taking person is highly increased from the before situation of SIDR attract. The increased number of loan taker is increased because of the making their living standard normal. After SIDR a good number of people in this area are lost their only way of income and they have no way to do something for their livelihood. According to our survey we seem that the number of loan taking person is dramatically increased after the SIDR.