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Financial Highlights of Dhaka Bank Ltd. at a Glance and Recommendations (Part 11)
Md. Mahmudul Hasan manna
my name is manna...i am a student of southeast university 
By Md. Mahmudul Hasan manna
Published on 13 October 2012
Financial Highlights of Dhaka Bank Ltd. at a Glance - Performance Analysis, Competition Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Analysis. Recommendations and Conclusion.

Financial Highlights of Dhaka Bank Ltd. at a Glance - Performance, Competition and Customer Satisfaction Analysis
4.2 Financial Highlights of DBL at a Glance –Performance Analysis
4.3 Competition Analysis


Figure in BDT

Percentile Growth

Operating Profit

2,810 million


Increase in Bank’s Deposit (excluding call deposits)

60,918 million


Loans and Advances

52,910 million


I have compared all the companies in the B Class Category by the CAMELS Rating.
Although there are a number of other competitors, this serves as a basic competitors for Dhaka Bank Limited. For Uttara Branch, it seemed the competitors are the surrounding banks.

4.4 Customer Satisfaction
I have done a questionnaire method and face-to face interview lus secondary information to collect the following data.

How do you rate the quality of services of Dhaka Bank Limited?
Analysis: From the survey, I found that out of 100 percent 36 percent of the total sample size said that the overall quality of DBL is excellent, 34 percent good and 30 percent moderate.

How satisfied you are by the Loan Department of Dhaka Bank Limited?
Analysis: Here I find that among 50 (100%) clients 20 (40%) are very much satisfied with the loan department of Dhaka Bank Ltd where as only 1 (2%) is very dissatisfied with the performances. But average percent is good. Here we can see that 2 clients are dissatisfied and 1 is very dissatisfied. The reason that he was dissatisfied was because he wanted more time to pay his installments. But DBL did not allow this.

How would you rate the quality of The Credit Department service of Bank Limited?
Analysis: From the survey, I found that out of 100 percent 38 percent of the total sample size said that the overall quality of lending service of Dhaka Bank Ltd is excellent, 22 percent satisfactory and 24 percent moderate and only 16 percent is not dissatisfactory. It means the overall opinion of clients is positive about the quality of customer care service of Dhaka Bank Ltd.

BRAC Bank have maximum ATM booths around 120, next we have DBBL who have total of 65 ATM booths. EBL and SCB have almost equal number of ATM booths. Mercantile Bank, AB Bank and Dhaka Bank have least ATM booth in different division in Bangladesh. Surprisingly MTB and UCBL don’t have any ATM booth, in order to meet up with customer requirements they have co branding with DBBL for providing ATM service.

DBBL has maximum offerings for e banking, after that AB bank and SCB has the almost same and equal offerings in e baking. MTB, UCBL, EBL, Premier bank has least offerings in e baking. DBL also offers a decent amount of offerings. But it needs to introduce new products and create its own ATM Network.

Part 5: Recommendations and Conclusion

• DBL should increase their LTR interest on the document retirement then their import business can be increase. Their LTR interest is 13% to 16%. If they decrease LTR interest on 14% then their import business can be increase.
• If DBL increases number of employee they can provide more satisfactory service to the customers.
• DBL should increase the number of PCs with updated hardware and software
• To create better client the bank should increase the amount of consumer loans in a short-term basis.
• The bank can provide a loan, which may be student loan. Though in other countries many bank provide this facility. This may encourage the students to come forward do something for the economy.
• DBL should fix their margin of decrease their margin; if they fix their margin into 35% to 45% then their import business can be increase.
• If anybody wants to import then he must have an account. But in DBL if any body wants to open an account in DBL that time he must have an introducers which was doing anything in the DBL or employee of DBL. For that reason they lost many client or deposit.
• Most of Dhaka Bank’s loans are in the large sector. If the performance of that sector crash then the bank will fail to continue though the profit is very high. So, the bank should provide more loans of small scale in different sectors though it will decrease the profit a little. But it will be very safe.
• Maximum number of the loan is provided in the long-term industrial loans. Bank’s clients are also limited. So, they can’t serve the economy of the country that much. So, they should diversify their loans more in agriculture, new industries etc for better economic growth of the country.
• Improve and maintain a consistent relationship with customers, expecially at retailing.
• In a competitive financial market, their products & services need to focused more on customers needs then simply offering what the customers are offering
• They should do more marketing activities to improve their presence in the minds of the target market and also the potential target market. As we see that, Media coverage of DBL is not so strong. To attract new clients, they should go for mass media coverage.
• DBL has 52 branches all over the country. It is very hard to provide full range services with those branches. They already are but they need pay more attention toward the expansion the branch network. The latest branch that was opened was Barisal Branch.
• Even though DBL is running online business very successfully they should open more ATM booths to meet customer needs and to meet the competitions

The last 3 months was quite intriguing to do my internship at Dhaka Bank Limited, Uttara Branch. I found out about the nature of actually working in a professional environment.

Credit policy is a very convenient banking tool for the business world. The value of this service is immense. It has gathered such a position in the banking sector that people at developed and also developing counties are very much depended on this service. In Bangladesh credit facilities or loans started to become very attractive in recent periods. But still lots improvements in services and facilities have to be made in this department.

The study of the report refers to the fact that people are aware of loan facilities in our country but they are not fully aware of the services or features of the loan process and its rules and regulations especially in case of individual or consumer loans. From the study it seems that Dhaka Bank focuses on the corporate sectors for the credit facility. But in case of consumer loans there are lots of restrictions created by the bank.

Credit Division of Dhaka Bank has a very qualified and dedicated group of officers and staffs who are always trying to provide the best service to the clients. They always monitor the credit in different sectors and their position. Before providing the loan they analyze whether the loan will be profitable and whether the client is good enough to repay the loan within the given period of time.

Credit department diversified their loans in different sectors classified by them. Among the sectors they don’t provide any loans in the agricultural side. The reason they showed is that this sector is very risky and depends on natural climate and they still didn’t expand their service in the rural side. They also didn’t provide any loan in the small & cottage industry. The reason is that the return from this sector is not very good and also the sector is very uncertain. They provide most of the credit facility in term loan mainly in long-term loans. Return from short-term loan is very good and also proves to be very safe to finance.

The main competitive advantage DBL is enjoying that it has online banking where as other local commercial bank can not yet achieve that advantage. But all the commercial banks are now trying to achieve this. In this bank the employees are highly motivated by their remunerations and other benefits. Here, all the employees are very much cooperative with their customers, colleagues and simply visitors.

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