2.15.3 Loan Product

The Dhaka bank is offering the following loan and advance product to the client for financing different purpose that fulfill the requirements of the bank and have good return to the investment as well as satisfy the client. The loan and advance products are:

Personal Loan Scheme
Lease Finance
Term Loan
Small & Medium Enterprise loan
Working Capital Financing
Import Financing
Export Financing
Syndicate Loan
Industrial Financing

2.15.4 Personal Banking Products

• ATM Card Service
• Credit Card Services
• Excel Account for Executives

2.16 Financial Performance of DBL

The Dhaka Bank Limited is one of the most successful private sector commercial bank in our country, though it started its operation only nine years back. It has achieved the trust of the general people and made reasonable contribution to the economy of the country by helping the people investing allowing credit facility.

2.16.1 Profit

Dhaka Bank Limited registered a operating profit of Tk. 509.60 million as of 31 December, 2003.Provision for tax for the year amounted to Tk. 240.61 million with a net profit of Tk. 269.01 million compared to

2.16.2 Capital

Dhaka Bank Limited commenced its operation with an authorized capital of Tk. 1,000.00 million with paid up capital of Tk. 100.00 million.
The paid up capital of the bank amounted to 531.07 million as on December 31, 2003. The total equity (capital & reserve) of the bank as on December Stood at Tk. 1209.97 million. The Capital Adequacy Ratio is 10.88% as on December 31, 2003which exceed the stipulated requirements for banks in Bangladesh.

 2.16.3 Deposits

As of December 2003 Total deposits of the bank stood at Tk. 16850.83 million excluding call as against Tk. 14964.01 million excluding call of the previous year.

Table 2: Deposit of DBL  Tk in million







2.16.4 Loan and Advances

The Bank recorded a 14.94% growth in advances with a total loans and advances portfolio of Tk. 12886.68 million at the end of December 2003 compared to Tk. 11.211.39 million in 2002.

Dhaka Bank is making loan and advances in different areas. The bank continues to explore and diversify its loan distribution with the objective of efficient use of resources and take utmost precaution to safeguard it. DBL also participated in a syndicated loan.

Table 4: Loans & Advances of DBL Tk in million


Loans & Advances