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CRM Practice. Importance of CRM
rahat abdullah
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By rahat abdullah
Published on 22 October 2012
CRM Practice. Importance of CRM.

CRM Practice. Importance of CRM.
1.    If we want to choose the candidates for executive sponser, the candidates must have the following qualifications-

(a)    Loyal customer is a vital part of any company. So he or she should understand how to create the loyal customer.
(b)    Candidates must have the ability to adapt with any kind of news in business whether it is positive or negetive.
(c)    Each sponsor must have the courage in order to handale  and manage the risks and the adverse situation of the organization.

The candidates should hold a position as close to the top management as possible.

Yes, the executive sponsor has the authority to exert insluence over all the sunctions of the CRM system but he/she only sets the guideline and the others are pretty much free to implement it in their own way.

2.    The steering committe of a company should consist of some recognised and respected leaders. For a small company, the committe may consist of only one person. For the large one, the committe can consist of senior representativers of each of the four core CRM business functions also the IT function.

3.    Strong functional background is needed for the program manager of the organization. They will also report the marketing function. There is another option to assign the program manager to the IT department.

4.    As the program core team of an organization will provide constant leadersip and guidence to the overall CRM program, the team should consist of top personnel from each of the important constituencies such as CRM, IT, marketing, geographic areas etc.