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Company Value Chain Analysis and Operation Plan (Part 03)
Golam Moula Mondal
This is Md. Golam Moula Mondal. I have completed BBA (Major in Finance and Banking) from Patuakhali Science and Technology University. 
By Golam Moula Mondal
Published on 24 October 2012
Company Value Chain Analysis and Operation Plan for Car Customization Business.

Company Value Chain Analysis and Operation Plan for Car Customization Business

4.1    Existing Core Competencies: Our company's Core Competency is a deep proficiency that enables us to deliver unique value to customers and as well as it would be hard for competitors to imitate. Through using various integrated methods of identifying each customer's needs, our designers can enable us to come up with distinct and specialized ideas about the current trend that exists in the market whether it is underground or mainstream. The core part of our company is that we have strong specialization in producing extremely distinct body kits for all sorts of vehicles which are highly designed to last longer than average and considered to be environment friendly as well.

4.1.1    The use of CAD: We have come up with a distinct procedure starting from realizing the customers' need to converting their designs into reality by introducing the use of computer 3d imaging software namely 3D-MAX, while translating the computer designs to the converters; the engineers and the line of production employees. This system is called the Computer Aided Design.

4.1.2    Technical expertise of conjuring greater than customer realized: customers in our segmented market are on the prowl for incoming imported body kits and newer designs to make their cars look even flashier. They would search for newer ideas and designs from the net and would wait for something similar to appear in the market. Some customers are willing to spend a lot of money that is actually less than their worth for such designs. This is an emotional factor which works here. As we are able to conjure almost anything that we see in the minds of our customers, we can fill in those spot for their preference by a mile, giving us the upper hand from the importers and other competitors thus enabling the industry in becoming monopolistic in our favor.

4.1.3    Innovativeness: the structure of our organization is such that all the people working for us have the voice for suggestion in all fields and departments. We are ready to take in any information that might or might not be valuable to us. But this way, we cannot miss any opportunity in realizing further innovativeness in not only for our line of assembly or production but also in all other functional departments. Through research and development that we have committed to have more than enough focus on, we would be constantly upgrading our CAD systems and other manufacturing processes and further reduce cost per unit of our product and designs and also deduce simpler processes of going about the business and expanding it.

4.2    Future Competencies

4.2.1    The use of CAM: just the way computer aided design system works for the designing segment of our production process; we can actually use computers and robotics to aid us with our manufacturing process. This is called the CAM or Computer Aided Manufacturing.

4.2.2    Brand image: as early movers we would succeed in occupying most if not all customers of the portion of the market. Keeping that in mind we would also loyal to our customers about after sales services and quality assurance. This way, instead of losing customers, we would actually be gaining. After introducing further external kits of our own shapes and sizes and more distinct that any in the world, we would consider having our own company logo and copy right to serve us the sole purpose of holding on to our innovativeness longer than usual.

4.2.3    Designing experience will result in reduction in production expenditure: after getting used to and familiarizing with the way our CAD system works and since our designers are never far away from our engineers, the experience of understanding the estimates of using raw materials according to the output would eventually be clearer and ultimately the use of volumetric measurer would not be required. This will obviously reduce the operational cost by a noticeable margin.

4.2.4    Coach and team relationship: as our department heads are trained to guide their subordinates rather than ask for their self contribution, the entire organization will be working as a team. This team based strategy will result in more informal communication with our line managers and thus we would even get ideas of expertise from the first line people while they work more efficiently thinking about the organization.