Chittagong Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (CWASA) were established as an autonomous entity by the East Pakistan Water Supply and Sewerage Authority Ordinance (“Ordinance”) in 1963 with the purpose to succeed water supply operations which had been operated by the Chittagong City Corporation. It is 100% owner by the state. The name of the ordinance was changed to the Water Supply and Sewerage Authority Ordinance in 1984 (approved in 1985) after the independence of Bangladesh. The ordinance was repealed by the Water Supply and Sewerage Authority Act enacted in 1996 (1996 Act’). DWASA’s organization has been changed under the Act, whereas CWASA is being operated by the organization under the Ordinance.

Currently daily water production: 166 MLD, water connections: 34,220 and annual water revenue: Tk. 281.2 million (as of June 2002). CWASA has no branches, it has 3 wings namely:-
  • Engineering Wing
  • Administration Wing and
  • Finance Wing.
In short CWASA stands for the organization “Chittagong Water Supply and Sewerage Authority “It has established in 1963. The Head office of the CWASA at Dampara, Chittagong.

Chittagong WASA has some branch office and project within the Chittagong metropolitan area these are:-
A.    Executive engineering office “MODEC” at Agrabad, Chittagong.
B.    Store office “VANDER”
C.    Boaster station project at Kalurghat, Bodderhat.
D.    MOHORA division project. It is situated on beside the bank of the River “Halda”from which (Halda river) collect water and refines it there and supplies that water in the whole Chittagong city.

The nature of CWASA that, it is a service oriented organization. It’s mode of collaboration is “Autonomous organization” as well as it is a body of public corporation of Bangladesh government.

The CWASA is neither capital intensive, non labor intensive, it is mixed intensive organization.

Managers can be differentiated according to their level in the organization. Although large organizations typically have a number of levels of management, the most common view considers three basic levels: Top, middle and first line managers. Regardless of level, managers are also usually associated with a specific area within the organization, such as marketing, finance, operation, human resources, administration, or some other area.
The Chittagong WASA has a mega organ gram as per dated 21-12-1983, source CWASA secretary dept (section) approved by Chittagong WASA, Local Govt. division, Ministry of L.G.R.D Co-operatives and Religious Affairs is given below.

Chittagong WASA only prefer for fresh recruitment source as well as using search for required candidates through advertisement in the national newspapers.
Here also enclosed a preformed of advertisement for recruitment of CWASA, which is published in “The Daily star” dated on 27th February -2007.
CWASA also mentioned that, in some case the most popular sources of managerial jobs for Chittagong WASA is through:
  • Promotion i.e. (internal source) and
  • Direct recruitment i.e. (Fresh recruitment)
Once the recruiting process has attracted a pool of applicants, the next step is to select whom to hire. The intend of the selection process is to gather information from applicants information that will predict their jobs success and then to hire the candidates likely to be most successful.

CWASA make short list before the selection test, they will make short list for selections test on the basis of job conditions.

The CWASA for selection test usually follows and conduct the following test or exam sequentially:
1)    Written subjective type test.
2)    Written objective type test.
3)    Oral test i.e., viva voce.
4)    Medical/physical test and
5)    Finally police verification.

Recently on situation demand the CWASA has taken and already conducted some different training and development programs to develop the managing of the organization. For instance By office order CWASA develop some managing courses say in last year they has conducted some new version of  training courses for existing employees to manage new style of management office tasks. These are:-
  • Office administration course
  • Revenue billing course
  • Sanitation and water supply meeting.
WASA believes High performance depends on the both ability and motivation. To ensure quality people motivation is important in any organization to inspire, encourage and impel people to take required action. To attracting human resource motivations in the important role maintain. Under motivation job design, performance evaluation, rewards, job valuation, compensation and benefits are sub components.

In CWASA many employees with extraordinary talents do not perform satisfactorily because they will not exert the necessary effort. Therefore, they desire to have capable employee who are also highly motivated. If they have effectively motivated the individual who has up-to-date skills and knowledge, they can expect to have a competent employee who desires to exert a high level of efforts.

CWASA also provide some other extra allowances to employees (with basic salary) like other public corporation organization. The extra allowances are:
a)    Medical allowances.
b)    House rent allowances.
c)    Transport allowances.
d)    Washing allowances (it is only for uniform users).
e)    Entertainment allowance to all employees @ tk.100 monthly.
f)    Lifting / Transport allowance.
g)    Overtime only applicable for class-3 and class-4 staff.
h)    Encashment leave or earn leave (EL).
i)    Conveyance allowance (this allowance is not applicable for the class-1 officers).
j)    Nigh allowance or Roster / shifting duty allowance. This is only applicable for Guard, Pion and pump operators.

For Roster duty, who engage in night duty they get tk.10 per night.
- Residence facilities
- Children education of employees say for school and college
- Accommodation etc.

Transfer is reassignments to similar positions in other parts of the firm.

In the organization overview section earlier mentioned that there are 4 branch offices and projects of CWASA in the Chittagong city and that is why CWASA also follow the inter branch and inter departmental transfer system, say Accounts department, secretary department, maintenance and engineering department and billing Section etc.

Dismissal is involuntary termination of an employee’s employment with the firm. The CWAS also follow some precautionary, so that the organization not hamper and deteriorates its goodwill. As caution they have a provision of “Demotion and Discharge system”, so that the employees not malpractice in the organization.

Causes of demotion / discharge:

For instance the causes of demotion and discharge system in the CWASA are if any employee engage in misconduct and corruption and if he conceive against him such departmental case and it is proved that he is in guilty then as a punishment the employee may demotion, fined or even may discharged from the post and  the organization.

In case of Demotion of the employee increment is suspended, but in case of Discharge there also need some other documents and functions i.e., taskforce report against the fault of employee, and negative or unfavorable witness of the employee and it must need to proof in the court that he is in guilty.

Retirement is the point at which one gives up one’s work, usually between the ages of 55 & 60.In CWASA there is a time limit for retirement i.e., up to 57 years old an employee can work in CWASA, and after the retirement the retired employees get some financial benefits after submitting his job life activities clearance documents. The benefits as such:
  • Provident fund
  • Gratuity and
  • Probably 6 month basic salary after the date of retirement.