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Human Resource Management Practice of Confidence Cement Limited (Part 06)
Alamgir Hossain
I am Md. Alamgir Hossain, a student of MBA, University of Chittagong. I have complete some reports for my academic requirement. I think those reports will help growing students for their study. 
By Alamgir Hossain
Published on 10 November 2012
Human Resource Management (HRM) Practice in Chittagong on the context of Confidence Cement Limited (CCL).

Human Resource Management Practice of Confidence Cement Limited (CCL)
Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) is the first private sector cement manufacturing company in Bangladesh established in early 90's with having 4,80,000 M/T annual production capacity at chittagong, 16 K.M away from chittagong port, besides Dhaka chittagong highway. Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) is the first ISO-9002 certified cement manufacturing in Bangladesh. It has a unique management system in quality Assurance, Marketing, Sales, and Procurements. It manufactures ordinary Portland cement. Our company aims to be the number one cement manufacturing company in Bangladesh, through continuous development and by producing high & consistent quality cement to meet all customers requirement at all time. To achieve these objectives Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) uses modern machineries, calibrated testing equipment's, computerized packing & raw materials mixing devices in its production process. Additionally the company frequently arranges internal & external training program for the staff of all level to develop the potentiality and skill of its human resources. Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) is always keen to keep the customers satisfied by proving the best possible service.

The factory has manpower planning in this organization managing directors are responsible for manpower planning.

•    Number of employees in the organization:
i)    Employees on the basis of gender: (a) Male- 247 (b) Female – 2
ii)    Number of Workers : (a) Technical- 72, (b) Non tech. – 130
iii)    Number of Workers : (a) Permanent- 249, (b) Casual – 29
iv)    Number of Officer   : (a) Technical- 31, (b) Non tech. – 23

•    The following steps are considered for manpower planning:
a)    Determining demand of the employees
b)    Planning about job description
c)    Determining the qualification of employees
d)    Determining the sufficient sources for employees.

The following are the main sources of employee’s recruitment:

Employee recruitment sources

Internal Sources

External Sources

a) Promotion of present employees

a) College, University

b) Trade Union



c) Technical Institutions


d) Selection Institutions


e) Job Applicants


f) Selection Agency


g) Newspaper Advertisement


h) Hunting Process


i) Reliable Source

The selection processes of employees in confidence cement are as follows:

Step No

Selection Process



Preliminary interview

The company justifies employee’s size, looking face, energy in this step.




Offering job application

Data are necessary for job application are:

Name of the applicants, Applicant’s father name, Job experience, Educational qualification, Nationality, Age, Religion, Expected salary, Character Certificate Reference.



Psychological test

Intellectual test, Creative test, Cognitive test, Personality test.



Selection interview

Acceptance by the selectors


Physical test

Appraising employees are physically compatible or not.


Final selection

Selecting the best employees for job.

Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) have some system for training and development process. These are as follows:
a)    Employees training program.
b)    Executive training program

The method of employees training program are as follows:
a)    Induction Training
b)    On the Job Training
c)    Supervisory training
d)    Apprenticeship Training.
e)    Training center

The methods of executive training program are as follows:
  • Conference training
  • Training course
  • Internship
  • Diploma training
  • Seminar
  • Business Tour
  • Job Rotation Method.
The pay scale of the organization:









There are some facilities other than salaries are as follows:
  • Provident fund
  • Gratuity
  • Incentive Bonus
  • Festival Bonus
  • Medicare
  • House rent
  • Leave allowance
  • Workmen Insurance
  • Festival allowance
To minimize turnover rate, increase job satisfaction, optimum use of knowledge and skills Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) gives the following facilities that can motivate employees:
a)    Financial incentives
b)    Handsome salary
c)    Profit
d)    Non-financial incentives like as Medicare, recreation facilities
e)    Job security
f)    Participation in management

The existing motivation program is enough for Confidence Cement Limited (CCL).

Performance appraisal is too much important for obtaining the goal of a company because; proper performance appraisal will help to increase productivity. So the company easily achieves the goal very effectively & efficiently. To evaluate the performance of employees they apply the method of performance appraisal are:
a)    Person to person comparison method
b)    Graphic rating method.
c)    Force choice description method
d)    Critical incident method.
e)    Descriptive essay method
f)    Checklist method
g)    Observation method
h)    Performance appraisal by employee themselves.

The bases of promotion are as follows:
a)    Merit Basis
b)    Seniority Basis
c)    Seniority & Merit Basis
d)    Graduation Basis
e)    Knowledge Basis

The reasons of lay off are as follows: 
a)    Shortage of raw materials
b)    Automation of the organization
c)    If shut down any unit by the Government policy
d)    Impact of external environment.
e)    Instability of political situation
f)    Impact of other completion organization
g)    Poor Labor Management Relations.

The rate of employee absentee of our company is 2 percent.
The causes of absenteeism are:
a)    Illness
b)    Impact of unfavorable working environment
c)    Conventional program of social & cultural
d)    Residential problem
e)    Negative attitude of management
f)    Transactional problem
g)    Lack of job satisfaction.

The steps for controlling absenteeism are as follows:
a)    To create better working environment.
b)    No work no pay
c)    Better wages & salaries
d)    To create worker safety & security
e)    Residential facilities
f)    Incentive bonus select
g)    The create responsibility & sincerity by proper education.

Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) have the rate of labor turnover is 2%

The reasons of labor turnover are:
a) Avoidable causes:
  • Resignation
  • Low wages
  • Dissatisfied condition of work
b) Dismissal:
  • Failure of workers his or her own work
  • Participation in the stick
  • Ruff behavior in his or her boss 
  • Absents his or her work regularly.
1. What is the relation between labor and management?
a) Very Good   b) Good    c) Poor

The following steps that are taken for developing relationship:
a)    Better working condition
b)    Payment of sufficient wages & salaries
c)    Disputes handling machineries
d)    Labor welfare division
e)    Labor policy
f)    Freedom of organization
g)    Worker’s participation in Management
h)    Removed of unfair labor practices
i)    Grievances handling
j)    Enactment of labor laws
k)    Special proclamation made by government and if any.

IR is important for maintaining a better work-life in Confidence Cement Limited (CCL)

There are little conflict between labor and management in Confidence Cement Limited (CCL)
The causes for conflict are as:
a)    Defective labor laws.
b)    Lack of balanced wage structure
c)    Illiteracy of workers
d)    Lack of strong trade Union
e)    Instable political situation
f)    Favoritism
g)    Lack of proper incentive bonus scheme
h)    Miss behavior of management.

Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) handle conflict by the following way:
a)    Introduction of balanced wages & pay scale.
b)    Stoppage of political intervention in labor movement.
c)    Training of workers on labor laws.
d)    Removal of favoritism
e)    Introduction of balanced incentive bonus scheme
f)    Neutrality during employment
g)    Develop working environment
h)    Follow promotional policy
i)    Good behavior of officers with workers
j)    Job satisfaction
k)    Introduction of proper retirement policy
l)    Maintain good industrial relation
m)    High morale.