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Problems of Human Resource Management in Chittagong and Recommendations (Part 08)
Alamgir Hossain
I am Md. Alamgir Hossain, a student of MBA, University of Chittagong. I have complete some reports for my academic requirement. I think those reports will help growing students for their study. 
By Alamgir Hossain
Published on 17 November 2012
Problems of Human Resource Management in Chittagong and Some Recommendations.

In Chittagong Human Resource Management are facing various problems. These are as follows:
(1)    Selection of good employees: Human Resource Management effective when good employees are selected. But in Chittagong we all know that selection process is very much corrupted. So, Human Resource Management faces the problem to achieve their objective.

(2)    Employee -Management Relations: The main goal of Human Resource Management is to build a good relation between employee & management. But in Chittagong most of the organization does not have a good employee management relations. Workers are not interested to employee their skill. This problem is face by Human Resource Management very often.

(3)    Frequency of labor turnover: The success in measured by the rate of labor turnover. When the labor turnover is little then it says that the organization has a good Human Resource Management system. When the rate of labor turnover is very high then the Human Resource Management department may face various problems. In Chittagong the rate of labor turnover is very high.

(4)    Rate of absenteeism: When a worker is absent for work without permission then it is called absenteeism. The causes of absenteeism may be available or not. When the causes of absenteeism are avoidable then it is said the performance of Human Resource Management is very poor. In Chittagong most of the absenteeism is avoidable.

(5)    Volume of training: When the Human Resource Management department takes various training programs for the unskilled worker then we say that the Human Resource department is very sound. But in Chittagong Human Resource Management department & many organizations does not take training program for improvement of the employee.

Besides these problems the Human Resource Management is facing the problems of strike, number of closed factory, relation with other department total labor productivity etc.

Inspite of facing various problems in Chittagong, Human Resource Management is one important function among other internal functions including finance, accounting, research & development & marketing & production.
Human Resource Management plays a vital role in industrial sectors. In case of attaining organizational good its contribution is not necessary to mention.

The problems of Human Resource Management of Chittagong can be removed by taking the following steps:

1.    By ensuring separate Human Resource Department
2.    By selecting good employees
3.    By ensuring that the selection process of Chittagong is not corrupted.
4.    By emphasizing on labor turnover. That is the rate of labor turnover in Chittagong should be low.
5.    In Chittagong most of the absenteeism should be unavoidable.
6.    By maintaining good relation between labor management
7.    By ensuring proper Human Resource Planning
8.    Healthy agitation of trade union also helps to remove Human Resource Management problems in Chittagong.
9.    In Chittagong Human Resource Management Department should take training program for improvement of the employee.
10.    By ensuring skilled Human Resource Managers in Chittagong.

Undeveloped Human Resource is an important obstacle to economic development of any country. Undeveloped human resources are manifest in low labor productivity; factor immobility limited specialization in occupation & in customary values & traditional social institutions that minimize the incentives for economic development of a country.

Chittagong is improved technologically day by day. So, the production of the organization is increased. To maintain this production we need a group of skillful workers. As a result proper collecting, directing, training, coordinating, maintaining etc activities should include in the area of Human Resource Management in Chittagong.

Human resource management is concerned with the “people” dimension in management. Since every organization is ensure of quality people acquiring their services, developing  their skills, motivating them to high level of performance, and ensuring that they continue to maintain their commitment to the organization are essential to achieving organization objectives. Managing people for quality in any organizations becomes output of human resource areas. Within the confines of the four functions acquisition, development, motivation, and maintenance many changes have occurred over the years. What once was merely an activity to find a warm body to fill a vacancy has become a sophisticated process of finding, developing, and retaining the best qualified person for the job.

So from the above data, it comes to the statement that need to practice today’s HRM philosophy & activities, to service & survive strongly in today & in future.