Bangladesh, delta areas are found around the mouths of the Ganges, the Meghna and the Bramhaputra, which is melting snows of the Himalaya Moutains. One-third of Bangladesh’s physical space is compromised of water. Water is the central reality of Bangladesh.

By the natural process of river’s sediments are accumulating at the river sight confluence with the ocean that in turn contributes is developing silted islet and small delta began to form. The continuous build up of sediments are constructed a big land.

The river continuously changes its courses that shaped the structure of delta. So, many kind cities are constructed by the delta. Bengal is also form by the delta in this way. After that peasant came in that delta and cultivate the land. Because that kind of land are good for harvest and after that they began to start to live there and in slowly create a new culture and civilization.
Geographically Bengal classified into three zones like Badha, Beel and Boro Puub, which are the delta of three main rivers Padma, meghna and Jamuna.

Islam , culture and civilization in Bengal are significantly influenced by the delta formation:

Now I will discuss gradually how the Islam, culture and civilization in Bengal are significantly  influence by the delta formation.

Islam influence by  the Delta formation:
Islam means that the path of peace. Islam first came in Bengal by the Arabians Turkish Parsian. When the Arabians came in Bengal for trade by the rivers, they influence Bengal’s people to receive Islam. A Turkis General Bakhtiyar Khalji came to Bengal in 1204 only with 17 soldiers. In that time Laxman Sen was the powerful king. After beating the Laxman Sen, Bakthiyar established Muslim Sultanate in Bengal.

The country, which is form by the delta generally, is poor. That’s why when Sufi saints came by the river build up many kinds of institutions like madrasa , khankas . They convince people to go to the madrasa and said that if they became muslim they have lot of power.

When sufis came, they use their languages, which are constructed with Islam origin. When many years past in this way these Islam origin languages are mixed with this counties language. As a example many many years before Bengal people didn’t use before working the word “Bismilla”. But after coming of Sufis, people of this region are starting to use this word.

Hindus have many castes system. They neglect the low-caste Hindu. In that time Muslim rulers like Arabians, Sufis etc. convince the Hindu to receive Islam because in Islam every one is equal.

At the southeast corner of Mahastan are occupied by a mazar of Shah Sultan Mahisawar and a mosque of the Mughal Emperor Farukh Siyar. This masque and mazar built up there to establish Islam.