Application of Transmittal

November 4, 2003

Rakibur Rahman
Course instructor
School of Business,
Independent University,
Baridhara, Dhaka.

Subject: Letter of transmittal.

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed with this letter the report of “Beximco Pharmaceuticals, Ltd” that you wanted as partial requirement for the course of “Intermediate Accounting-305”. The name of my project is " Ratio Analysis of a company."

I collected all the relevant information and the annual report 2001, I go through from “Beximco Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.” I thing that is the report contains the information that you need to get an idea about the “Ratio Analysis”. If you need any clarification or any further information I would be happy to provide it to you.

Yours sincerely,
Md. Mostafizur Rahman


At first our thanks go to Mr. Rakibur Rahman Khan, Accounting Lecturer, School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) For handing us this report which we found to be a rather interesting topic to work on. We are going to get help to many people in the context of preparing this report and some of the persons have been very helpful and cooperative with information and suggestions. In this regard we would like to thank Mr. C.H.Rahman is the managing director of the company who is the pioneer person in the country in the Pharmaceuticals sector and I have worked hard to prepare this report. So by this way I could finish the report properly and on time.

Origin of the Report

This report is made as a Report on the ‘Financial accounting course’ in a Beximco Pharmaceuticals company. So the business organization of Beximco Pharmaceuticals was chosen and I am discussing on the ratio analysis of Beximco Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. This had the formal approval of Mr. Rakibur Rahman who is the Accounting lecturer, School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh. I based on  this report from the background of  information and knowledge that I required from Pharmaceuticals and it provides a reliable effective insight into the ratio process of the particular company.