Prepared for:

Md. Shafiqul Hossain
Faculty of Business
Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB)

Name of the course:
Commercial Law

Prepared by:
1.    Shirina Akhtar                        200010054
2.    Syeda Farhana Tabassum       200010351
3.    Layla Noor Dipa                     200010454
4.    Arjuman Habiba                      200010612

BBA, 8th Batch, Section- B

Table of Contents


1.  Definition – Literally & Traditionally

2.    Unlawful consideration & object
a)    If it is forbidden by law;
b)    If it were permitted, it would defeat the provisions of any law;
c)     If it is fraudulent,
d)    If it involves or implies injury to the person or property of another,
e)    If the court regards it as immoral,
f)  If the court regards it as ‘opposed to public policy’

3.  Object and consideration unlawful in part

4.  Contract in restraint of trade

5.  Contract in restraint in marriage of a person not minor
6.  Without consideration

7.  Agreement by way of wager

8.  Contract in restraint of legal proceeding

9.  Impossible Acts