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Published on 12 February 2007

A short article or paragraph on television.

Article/Paragraph on Television
Television is one of the greatest discoveries of modern science. Usually, this television was invented in 1925 by an English scientist named John Bayard. Television is the most modern means of communicating ideas and thoughts. It serves much more than a radio. Generally, it is like a stage where performers are seen and heard. It gives us news on national and international matters. After day’s hard work we sit before a television set and hear music and songs. At the same time, we enjoy drama, dance and many other things. More over, we see the actors and actress.  Beside, television has a great education value. It teaches both illiterate and students.  For this purpose, we here and enjoy debates, lectures on various important topics, distance on science and speeches through television. As a result, it has broken the wall between the literate and illiterate. Now-a-day people need not to go to stadium to enjoy a game. They sit before a television set and enjoy football, cricket, tennis and other games and sports. Above all, television has made the world small. It has not only conquered time and distance but also conveys social, political, economic, cultural and religious news home abroad. Television has some demerits also. For example, sometimes students prefer enjoying television to study. Still, young boys are fond of sitting before television in place of playing in the field. It may be true, sometime obscene films and almost naked dance are shown in the television. In fact, these are very much harmful. All the above, television is an important medium of mass communication. However, it plays an important role in our day to day life. So, television program should be carefully produced.