7.1 Products:

In two units of Square Textiles Ltd. The following products are produced :
In Square Knit Fabrics Ltd. Product range Engineering stripe and semi jacquard, plain , pique , Four Neddle structure , Crepe rib , Interlock , Drop needle , Crossmiss , Milano rib , etc.

In Square Fashions Ltd. Following types of products are produced T-shirts & Polo- shirts, Tank tops , Pajamas, Sport wear , Under garments , Mens & Ladies fashion wear , Kidswear etc.

7.2 Price:

The unit selling prices over the years varied substantially as shown below:





Local sales




Export Sales




Total sales (average)




The above indicate that the local and export selling prices increased by 53.54% and 13.14% respectively during the year 2006 over the year 2005after gradual decline during the years 2004 and 2003 over the year 2001. the increase is primarily ascribable to the international situation.

7.3 Place :
Export oriented ready made garments industry operating in Bangladesh are the main purchaser of products of Square Textiles Ltd. The size of export oriented RMG industry is fairly large in Bangladesh . So there is a huge market for Square Textiles Ltd. In Bangladesh. Moreover products of Square Fashions Ltd. Are exported to Europe and USA.

7.4 Promotion: 
Square Textiles Ltd. Does not pursue any rigorous promotional activity . As most of the purchaser are export oriented garments , they don’t need to be promoted . Infact, the buyers themselves are aware enough from where they will get quality products. So there is not much room to pursue. For the UK and USA based market this fact is true as well .


SWOT analysis means the analysis of strength , weakness, opportunity and threats . For Square Textiles Ltd. It is given below:

8.1 Strength:
Square Textiles Ltd. Is a rapidly expending Company . Standing its journey in 1998 it has already doubled the net turnover by the year of 2006. All the units of the factory enjoy highly of machinery are imported from  Germany, Switzerland , Italy & japan . As a result it can maintain a smooth rate of production. Well trained human recourses are another strength of the Company . They train up their key personally in the country and abroad . So that the Company can get some competitive advantages over the competitions. The HRM practice is also remarkable .

8.2 Weakness:
There are too many departments under the super vision of the general manager which can cause low productivity due to large span of super vision.

8.3 Opportunity:
There are bright opportunities for the Company in the overseas market . If is can communicate well and capture a significant market portion in the Europe and USA market, it can get scale of economic.