9.1 Findings: Textile industry is a comparatively new in our country . The size of the industry is still growing. Square Textiles Limited is one of the first movers in this sector. Starting only in 1997 , it has managed to be grown up as one of the country’s leading Textile Company . Its increase turnover has been significantly increasing, since 1997-2007. It is providing employment to a large number of skilled and unskilled people all over the country. The Company contributed an amount of taka 37.892 million to the national exchequer in different forms like Cooperate Income Tax, Advance Income Tax, Ecise, Vat, Import Duties, Taxes, Government Taxes , Stamp Duties, License Fees etc. The Company contributed substantially to the Foreign Exchange Reserve of the country through its export marketing operation. In 2007its net export earning was taka 1021.368 million.

9.2 Recommendations:  From the analysis with the organization structure we have seen that its span of super vision is too large. A number of departments report directly to the general manager. If the number were less the efficiency and productivity of the organization might be increased. Quality control department should remain prompt always. So that it can maintain a certain level of standard as per the market demand to capture the foreign market share it should strive more.


The flourishment of any industry requires combined efforts and co-operation from several parties . Social , political and macro economic environment play pivotal role in this regard . Though Square Textile is a newly Ventured Company in the respective sector, its growth and expansion is praiseworthy. Its contributing the country and serving the nation in different ways. If it can up hold its much toward advancement, it will be able to set a role model in our country.