The entire management process comprises the following units:

4.1. Executive Management:

The Managing Director, the CEO is the head of the Executive Management Team which comprises senior members of the Management Apparatus. Within the limits of delegated authority and responsibility by the Board of Directors , Executive Management operates through further delegation of authority at every echelon of the line management . The executive Management operates within the framework of Policy & Planning strategies set by the Top Management with periodic performance reporting for guidance . The Executive Management is responsible for preparation of segment plans / sub – segment plans for every profit centers with budgetary targets for every items of goods & services and are held accountable for deficiencies, with appreciation for outstanding and exceptional performances . These operations are continuously carried out by the Executive Management through series of Committees , sub – Committees ,Committees & standing Committees assisting the line management .

4.2.Management Committee:
Comprising top executives , deal with entire organizational matters.

4.3.Standing Committee:
Standing Committee comprises the following committee:

4.3.1. Audit Committee:
• Internal Audit Committee
• ISO Audit Committee
• Social / Environment Committee
• Performance Evaluation Audit Committee

4.3.2. Employment Relations Committee:
• Remuneration Committee
• Work Environment Committee
• Performance Evaluation Audit Committee

4.3.3. Management Committee:
• Product Planning & Development Committee
• Quality Control & Research Committee
• Production & Inventory Management Committee
• Export Promotion Committee