5.2.3 Performance Management

Performance appraisal is the process of assessing employee’s past performance, primarily for reward, promotion and staff development purposes.

‘Performance appraisal (is) a process that identifies, evaluates and develops employee performance to meet employee and organisational goals.

Performance Appraisal doesn’t necessarily use to blame or to provide a disciplinary action.Previous management theories used to view performance appraisal as a stick that management has introduced to beat people. Performance appraisals are now more clarified and they concentrate on developing organizational strengths and employee performance.

Purpose of Performance Appraisal in SQUARE

To review past performance

To assess training needs

To help develop individuals

To audit the skills within an organization

To set targets for future performance

To identify potential for promotion

To provide legal & formal justification for employment decision

To diagnose the hidden problems of an organization

Performance Appraisal Process

Who Appraises

• Supervisors
• Subordinates
• Peers
• Clients/customers
• Self appraisal
• 180/360 degree approach

Approaches to measuring performance in SQUARE textile

There are various kind of method for measuring performance appraisal. But we get information that SQUARE uses only three type of performance method. These are at below:

1. 360- degree feedback
2. Experience based.

We describe those at below:

1.360-degree feedback

One currently popular methods of performance appraisal is called 360-degree feedback. With this method managers peers, suppliers or colleagues are ask to complete questionnaire. The questionnaire are generally lengthy .

2. Experience based

SQUARE measure the performance of employee by experience. For example MR. X has been working in SQUARE for three years and MR. Y has been working in SQUARE for two years. So SQUARE favor MR. X for his more experience.