November 04, 2002

(Course instructor)
School of Business,
Independent University,
Baridhara, Dhaka.

Dear Sir,

It is my immense pleasure to submit my class project on BOC Bangladesh Limited, as you asked me to prepare and submit as a requirement of Accounting 305 program. The name of my project is " The analysis of financial performance of BOC Bangladesh Limited "

I have tried my best to compile the pertinent information as comprehensively as possible and if you need any further information, I will be obliged to assist you.

Thanking you,



At first I would like to thank my instructor for giving me such an important job like ratio analysis as a class project. I would like to place my gratitude to the Supervisor of BOC Bangladesh Limited to enable me to complete my class project in their esteemed organization. Without his helpful guidance, the completion of this research project was unthinkable. A very special thanks goes to Mr. Waliur Rahman Bhuiyan managing director of BOC Bangladesh ltd. for helping me in all phase of the research process. His overwhelming support for this project gave me the inspiration to do a better report. At last I like to thank Mr. Azizur Rashid for providing valuable advice in the successful completion of this project.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. A Brief History of BOC Bangladesh Ltd.
3. Range of Products and Services
4. Source
5. Origin of the report
6. Objective of the Report
7. Research methodology
8. Limitations of the Study
9. Range of data over 5 years
10.Comparative analysis
11. Percentage (Common size) analysis
12. Ratio Analysis
  12.1. Liquidity dimension
    12.1.a. Current ratio
    12.1.b. Quick ratio
    12.1.c. Cash ratio
  12.2. Activity Dimension
    12.2.a. Accounts receivable turnover
    12.2.b. Average collection period
    12.2.c. Inventory turnover
    12.2.d. Accounts Payable turnover
   12.2.e. Accounts Payable turnover in days
   12.2.f. Fixed asset turnover
   12.2.g. Total asset turnover
 12.3.  Profitability Dimension
   12.3.a. Gross profit margin
   12.3.b. Operating profit margin
   12.3.c. Net profit margin
   12.3.d. Return on total asset (ROA)
   12.3.e. Return on total equity (ROE)
 12.4. Debt Utilization Ratios
   12.4.a. Debt Ratio
   12.4.b. Time interest earned
 12.5. Ownership ratios
   12.5.a. Earnings per Share (EPS)
   12.5.b. Dividend per share
13. An over view discussion from an investor’s point of view
14. An over view discussion from a creditor’s point of view
15. Conclusion