British American tobacco, Bangladesh offers only product and the product is cigarettes.

BAT’S brands
Much of the growth of BAT leading brands is driven by innovation

They recognize that there business starts with BAT consumers and there brands. It’s not about encouraging people to start smoking or to smoke more, but about meeting the preferences of adults who have chosen to consume tobacco, and differentiating our brands from their competitors.

They have never believed that ‘one size fits all’. BAT’S portfolio of more than 300 brands is based on distinct ‘must-win’ consumer segments - international, premium, lights and adult smokers aged under 30 (ASU30).

There four Global Drive Brands - Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall - cover the premium and value for money price segments and account for 26 per cent of there overall global volumes.  They grew by 16 per cent in 2008, or 25 billion cigarettes.

While developing there Global Drive Brands is central to BAT’S strategy, they also increasing the profile of Vogue in the super premium segment and Viceroy, a leading low price international brand.

Much of the growth of there leading brands is driven by innovation - from filters to flavors and packaging to cigarette formats.


Integrated marketing program is a comprehensive plan that communicates and delivers the intended value to chosen customers. -Combination of Advertisement, Sales promotion, Personal selling, Public relations activities.

British American Tobacco Bangladesh do not have any permission to advertise there product publicly. But they try to promote there product by giving there retailer leaflet and kiosk.

They got an extra force of personal sellers who tries to promote BATB’s brands by pleasing the consumers. 

Supply Chain

Manufacturing is at the heart of there business, so they invest substantially in new technology to ensure that there factories are highly flexible and responsive to the needs of there customers and consumers alike.
Working in manufacturing means constantly having to balance the demands of availability, quality and cost. There people operate in a high speed environment and under tremendous pressure, so they need the strength of mind to make quick decisions, often basing them on limited information. They also need to be open to innovative solutions that can improve our processes and balance supply and demand while minimising working capital.
And world-class manufacturing is about far more than technology. Seemingly small issues can have an enormous impact – not only on processes and targets, but also on the morale of our factory teams. That’s why our people need to be effective leaders, too, demonstrating the ability to build effective teams while committing to the highest levels of production, quality and safety.

Manufacturing within British American Tobacco Bangladesh includes:
•    Product knowledge
•    Process and control
•    Knowledge of technologies
•    Quality
•    Supply chain management
•    Regulatory framework
•    Employee relations
•    Excise
•    Environmental, health & safety
•    Project management
•    Commercial awareness
•    Leaf operations
British American Tobacco Bangladesh’s Leaf department is responsible for procuring the company’s tobacco. Essentially, it’s our job to secure the supply of quality tobaccos to maintain blend consistency and taste for the consumer. Our skills contribute massively to the ongoing success and reputation of our brands as well as to the Group’s drive for market leadership.

Achieving this requires more than simply buying an off-the-shelf product. We manage the tobacco supply chain from the seed to the smoke.
We contribute considerably to the company’s bottom line. For example:
•    Our growing programmes supply low in-stock cost tobaccos to our domestic operations
•    Our export operations earn valuable foreign exchange
•    Our International Leaf Purchasing Team ensures that tobaccos procured from third parties are purchased at competitive prices

Your involvement could see you as:
•    A Leaf Growing Programme Manager, tasked with managing thousands of small-scale farmers to grow quality tobaccos
•    A Leaf Operations Manager, purchasing tobacco on a fast and furious auction floor and processing blends to your customers’ specifications
•    A Leaf Blending Manager, in charge of ensuring cigarette taste remains consistent. Any alterations you make to blend recipes or tobacco sourcing can result in million dollar changes to blend costs.
•    An International Leaf Purchasing Manager. Join a small team tasked with procuring more than 200 million Kg of tobacco from all over the world, worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Leaf arena within British American Tobacco Bangladesh includes:
•    Managing a tobacco growing programme
•    Processing tobacco in a Green Leaf Threshing plant
•    Blending tobacco for the cigarette business
•    Purchasing tobacco from all over the world

A career in Leaf offers incredible richness, variety and responsibility. Our people are not just dynamic managers; they are able to adapt to a multitude of environments and cultures around the world. And while an agronomy background is helpful, extensive training in tobacco will be provided.