• Established National Bank Public School & College.
  • Providing scholarships to the meritorious students.
  • Donated to Dhaka University to construct Senate Building.
  • Donated to Dhaka University for Convocation.
Financial Inclusion
  • Continuing Disbursement of agro-credit to marginal peasants at lower interest rate.
  • Provided a lucrative amount of loan to “Borendra Bohumukhi Unnayan” to increase the agro-production and development of socio-economic position.
  • Strengthened the credit facility provided to small & medium industries for employment generation.
  • Continuing Disbursement of agro-credit to marginal peasants at lower interest rate.
  • Loan for fisheries since 1994 in Mymensingh, Khulna & Jessor. A dedicated branch is opened at Valuka of Mymensingh.
  • Disbursed Collateral free loan to poor people named micro loan.
Disaster relief
  • Donated for the landslide victims in Chittagong.
  • Donated to Prime Minister‘s Welfare Fund for ‘Aila’ victims.
  • Donation to Bangladesh Football Federation, Bangladesh Olympic Association, National Shooting Federation.
  • Sponsored Volleyball league-2008.
  • Sponsored Citycell Federation Cup, Citycell B-League.
Social welfare
  • Donated to Asiatic Society, Center for National Culture, Central Kochikachar Mela, and Liberation War Museum.
  • Donated to Mother & Child Hospital, a Haemodialysis Machine for the treatment of kidney patients to BIRDEM.


NCC Bank recognizes that its activities have an impact on the environment in which the bank and its subsidiaries do business. The bank also realizes that the basis for any good business is trust and that society expects the highest standards of the bank when it comes to the question of ethics and CSR. NBL has always given due importance to its responsibility to the society. In order to institutionalize its duty to the society, the bank has established a foundation. Established NCC Bank Foundation in 2007 devoted to the cause of charity, social welfare and other benevolent activities towards the betterment of the society. The Board of Directors of the bank has pledged to contribute 1% of operating profit to this Fund every year.
Disaster relief

•    Distributed blankets to the destitute people of southern part of the country.
•    Donation to Aila affected people.


•    Scholarship to 5 meritorious student of faculty of Business studies (DU).
•    Sponsored a science fair at Vikarunnessa Noon School.
•    Distributed teaching materials to poor students of Dahagram and Angorpata enclaves.
•    Donation to construct a semi-paka building at Darul Ulum Debahata Kaumi Madrasa & Orphanage.
•    Donation to construct 1st floor at Feni South East College.
•    Donation to construct class room at Mahbubul Haque High School, Mohammadia Hefzakhana, Orphanage, Nurani Islami Kindergarten.
•    Donation to construct academic building at Nurunewaz High school.
•    Donation to construct a semi-paka building at Nurpur Khaeria Ebtedai Madrasha.


•    Sponsored Bank Inter district Volleyball Tournament 2007.
•    Sponsored NCC Bank Vatiary Golf Tournament & DU convocation since 2007.
•    Published attractive souvenir regarding ICC World Cup Cricket & World Cup Football.
•    Sponsored Bangladesh Cycling Federation.


•    Through NCC Bank Foundation subsidy has been extended to a City Hospital.
•    Extended credit facilities under flexible terms for cultivating maize in the Country’s northern part.


The bank has decided to constitute One Bank Foundation to enable the Bank to undertake CSR more proactively by taking planned initiatives and serve the needy and distressed community at large. The bank is setting up ONE Bank Foundation to undertake CSR more proactively by taking planned initiatives and serve the needy and distressed community at large.

Disaster relief

•    The bank undertook the tasks of assisting poor in various forms such as helping victims of natural disaster by providing food, shelter and self-employment where possible.
•    Contributed to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for ‘Aila’ victims.


•    The bank vowed to be environmentally and socially responsible within the organization by focusing on the well-being and sustained development of the people working in the bank as well as their aspirations, efforts and achievement and further capacity building.

•    The bank has been keeping watch on the environmental and social impact of proposed undertakings. The Bank take confirmation of compliance by clients by way of Clearance Certificate from Department of Environment to the effect that concerned projects will not have any adverse impact on environment.


•    Donated vehicles for development of sports like cricket.
•    Sponsored JMB (Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge) Cup Football Tournament (2008 & 2009) on the occasion of National days.

Social Welfare

•    Stipends to poor but meritorious students, adult schools, vocational training centers as well as building infra-structures etc.
•    Sponsored billboards containing the Citizen’s Charter at different Police stations & provided raincoats & umbrellas for policemen and road barriers & traffic canopies.
•    Sponsored painting exhibition at Shilpokola Academy.
•    Arranging free eye camps and other health related assistance.
•    Donations to initiatives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), NGOs and institutions involved in health, education and cultural sectors for social and environmental improvement including nutrition, health and education in the disadvantaged population segments.
•    Introduced School banking to promote the savings habit among the children.


The bank is earnestly committed to its Corporate Social Responsibilities and out of these responsibilities it is conducting various charitable, social welfare and development activities


•    Sponsoring National Vitamin A + Campaign conducted by the Government in May, 2008.
•    Sponsoring Breast Feeding Week: 01-07 August, 2008 conducted by Breastfeeding Foundation.
•    Sponsoring Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association on occasion of 3rd National Conference of the organization in November 2008.


•    Sponsoring 03 national events to Bangladesh Basketball Federation for Tk. 15.00 lac.
•    Sponsoring Bangladesh Sports Writers’ Association for Tk. 6.00 lac on the occasion of Annual Award Giving Ceremony of the organization in November 2008.

Social welfare

•    Sponsoring International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking 2008.
•    Sponsoring Fisheries development Campaign-2008 organized by Dept. Fisheries, Bangladesh in September 2008.
•    Donation to Birshrestha Motiur Rahman Foundation, ‘Kendrio Khelaghar Asor’.