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shofiq uddin khan

I complete my BBA from PSTU.
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Findings and recommendations for PRAN-RFL Group in following the Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006.

Over view of PRAN-RFL Group. Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006, in PRAN-RFL Group. Maternity welfare facilities.

Right to and Liability for Payment of Maternity Benefit. Procedure and amount regarding payment of maternity benefit. Maternity benefit in case of the death of a woman.

Maternity Benefit in Bangladesh. Maternity Welfare Facilities. Prohibition of Employment of Women Workers.

Legal Provision, First-Aid Appliances, Maintenance of Safety Record Book, Washing Facilities, Canteens, Shelters or Rest Room and Launch Room, Rooms for Children, Compulsory Group Insurance, Maternity Welfare Facilities, Prohibition of Employment of Women Workers.

Report on implementation of the Bangladesh Labor Act-2006, in case of Welfare Measures- A case study on PRAN-RFL Group.

To know Cost allocation methods followed in private hospitals for their seat rent. A case study of Fortune Hospital Ltd., Patuakhali.

Health Insurance and Bangladesh. Health Insurance Schemes in Bangladesh and Their Function. Experience of Three Organizations - Pacific Prime Insurance, The Ganasasthya Kendra (GK) Health care system in Savar and The Grameen Health Program

Theory of Health Insurance, Provision of Health Insurance (General Taxation, Earmarked tax, Social Insurance, Community Insurance, Private Insurance), Methods Used to Assess Risk Attitudes.

How Health Insurance Works in Foreign (Premium, Deductible, Copayment, Coinsurance, Exclusions, Coverage limits, Out-of-pocket maximums). Common Features About Private Health Insurance in Foreign.